Dangdang responded CCTV exposure closed complaints shop unconditional return


technology news March 20th morning news, last night for the CCTV "economic half-hour" exposure dangdang.com sale of cosmetics from wholesale market, dangdang.com issued a statement to respond, that has been closed shop deal with the complaint of shops, will provide unconditional return service.

Dangdang admits cosmetics channel licensing has been a problem in recent years, and hope that the brand can cooperate directly with dangdang. (Lin Ming)

The following is the full text of the statement Dangdang


sorry to be late, but we’ve been working on the investigation in action!

for media reports dangdang.com platform for merchants selling smuggled goods cosmetics, we attach great importance to, has been the first time for the two complaints were settled stores closed shop processing, and further thorough investigation. For those who have purchased goods in these two shops consumers, we provide unconditional return service.

cosmetics channel licensing has been a problem in recent years, many international cosmetics brands do not want to open the network sales license. In order to ensure the quality of goods, although we have settled in the business has a strict qualification review system, but also can only require them to provide proof of purchase channels to ensure genuine.

we sincerely hope that the brand can work directly with us, open to the electricity supplier website sales authorization, and welcomed the supervision and inspection of the relevant departments.

finally, thanks to the support of consumers Dangdang and love, as well as the media friends Dangdang supervision. We will also strive to provide consumers with more choices, lower prices and more convenient service.

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