Creativity is the core competitiveness of e commerce

business, whether online or offline, marketing is to compete for people’s attention, affecting people’s brains. Through activities, arouse people’s attention and attention. The most common life is the department store doorway often drums hold all kinds of activities to attract attention. By their activities with you go, you approached the consultation, unknowingly paid to buy. Creativity attracts more people’s attention. Otherwise, even if your product is good, your copy is strong, the product price is low, the service is thoughtful, the user simply can not see you, you have no effect on product sales. So the first step in marketing is to draw attention to the eye.

e-commerce is the same, the same product may have too many to count companies to sell, especially as Taobao online, such as nuts will have a lot of sellers in the sale, the same product, how to sell better? The first step is to attract people’s attention, arouse their attention. Come up with a novel way of surprise.

we live in an era of information explosion, as long as the eyes open, whether it is television or newspaper website, everywhere is junk, everywhere is the same promotional advertising, you want to attract the attention of the user, is not the same with others, and others do not only ideas to gain attention. Find out what point of difference.

creativity is to overthrow the traditional concepts and theories, proficient in knowledge and play a new routine, with other people have not used the idea or method, so that others feel fresh, so as to achieve good results. For example, some sellers will own Taobao customer service to collect buyers comments hilarious in their recording idiom finishing shop, to the buyers with the joy of value-added services at the same time enhance the buyer’s trust.

to give you a look, I have recently seen a store has such a description to the customer:

1, the boss ah, your home this squid, taste worse than cockroaches! Can not return! (Hey! Cockroaches are eaten, back!)

2, Hello! How much you can include! (ah, this I don’t have much grip ah) sorry, is the bag! (oh! When trouble typing look!)

3, his wife, I have a good time! You can remarry (sir. This word is too creative to play! I stayed for 5 seconds to reflect it! When I was a child, I was scolded by the teacher every day!)

A lot of examples of

, it does not give up, and we like to see more than a good imagination, there will be a better idea.

so how creative? Creativity is the core competitiveness of e-commerce, creative thinking training to their usual observation and thinking, to divergent thinking, sometimes in the opposite direction, often encounter problems, you will immediately come to the results, it is not creative, to ask yourself: if in the opposite way, effect how? Do not have the pressure, relax, some insane ideas might be a good record.

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