Hisap 15 Computer Festival opening play options for 10 days

in the past hisap 15 anniversary big promotion, hisap a road sales promotion, sales across the board, in order to repay the majority of consumers of hisap trust and support, hisap fifteenth computer festival will be officially launched on Friday, in the national synchronized launched a 10 Day Carnival play computer purchase. The 15 years, hisap start, for consumers to create a out of the ordinary computer feast.

new incoming new activities

According to

reports, hisap plans in November 27th December 6th, launched a 10 day "special 2015 National Computer Festival" promotional activities in the country. At present, Hongtusanbao stores nationwide have been ready in the products, gifts, activities and other aspects, computer festival will be officially opened in November 27th. During the event, hisap to join ASUS, Lenovo and other domestic well-known brands, bring new special computer for consumers in the winter of 2015, the audience 7 fold, computer minimum 1999 yuan, spending 3000 yuan to send more packages and accessories car purifier more value value activities.

from the previous computer festival, consumers are most concerned about the new activities. For consumers, hisap in a number of well-known computer manufacturers, bring new low value for consumers. ASUS X205 silk gold only 2499 yuan, Quad Driver, Win8 system 2G memory, 128G hard drives bring consumers a different experience; Lenovo 100S light of this only 3199, Intel processor, 4G driver, 128G SSD, 14 inch large screen, portable office, leisure more relaxed. At the end of the year is also the commercial consumers to purchase large quantities of the new season, in order to repay commercial consumers in these years as in the past to hisap support during the event to the store to buy commercial products, a single free color inkjet printers, multiple users enjoy the discount.

service upgrade five Howard Johnson three exclusive

during the event, hisap red fast service will launch a special intimate five big ceremony. Hao Li: the purchase accident insurance is straight down 108 yuan; Li ho two: get a value of 168 yuan mobile phone shopping experience nano coating; Hao Li three: purchase service card to send 198 yuan cash coupon; Hao Li four: buy the main push models get a value of 288 yuan extended warranty; Hao Li five: the value of 588 yuan PC exclusive gift package to enjoy non-stop.

in addition, hisap for home users and business users to launch three exclusive. Where to shop during the event to the family of the user, that is, enjoy the service to the home, the installation of synchronization, free home and other three services. Enterprise customers to enjoy the service contract half off giant benefits discount.

hopes that more and more users, in the hisap shopping at the same time, can feel the true meaning of service and protection from the hisap "red fast service" have great originality professional, efficient and honest.

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