The seller and the electronic commerce network of water army of love and hate

The day of the birth of

e-commerce, he will be doomed and the network Navy pull countless perplexing relationships, including love and hate is not necessarily outside people can understand.

e-commerce sellers two or three things

the first to talk about characteristics of electronic commerce, the most is not the lack of popularity and sales, is the former, the latter, complementary and reciprocal causation. A few big platform in the field of e-commerce, such as Jingdong, Amazon, Taobao, a seller once settled in the platform, it is not easy to harvest, and especially in the electronic commerce competition has been very fierce era. The seller can choose the way, there are only three, one is to pay the platform, and then through the train platform for promotion, such as the Taobao train, but the cost is high, but not for a long time; the second is for publicity in various forums, blog, micro-blog, purchase guide websites, such as the birth of Taobao passenger car industry is therefore; third is their own shop popularity and sales, this type of marketing is the most direct and effective, according to a survey of 90% users when shopping will choose the high popularity and sales of products. The survival status of the e-commerce platform sellers was severe, can do two kinds of marketing will directly determine sellers shop of vital importance.

The rapid rise of the


come to talk about the network Navy, this is one with the Internet and the electronic commerce and the birth of the group. They are another form of network marketing, more direct and fast, more purposeful. The network navy can do many things, such as forum communication, the topic of speculation, blog marketing, clear negative news etc.. Naturally, they can make a shop monthly income of over a million, but also allows a store instantly fell to the bottom. All along, the industry of network will continue to debate the Navy.

e-commerce sellers on the network Navy love

e-commerce platform for sellers in an invincible position in the fierce competition, costs more to hire at the network navy. In the network the Navy’s help, sellers shop popularity soared, sales hit record highs, rave reviews. Ordinary users shopping, see such shops and products, generally will not hesitate to order another underground single orders, only one reason, along with the public choice to walk, right! In addition, Usenet in various forums, the micro-blog platform, shopping guide website for sellers of brand and product promotion is also very effective, especially the entity shop and network shop seller synchronization.

e-commerce sellers on the network Navy hate

all have two sides, the network navy can help sellers improve performance, can also be used to carry out illegal competitors, unfair competition. Some time ago the "Taobao fry raise a Babel of criticism of occupation bad teacher let many Taobao sellers headache. The so-called occupation bad teacher is employed in the network Navy B sellers, and then go to A shopping for bad sellers orders. Of course,

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