Double eleven Carnival electricity supplier behind the wind control and security can not be ignored

[TechWeb] November 8th news, when the bus station, subway, elevator again hung with red billboards, meaning a new round of double eleven war has sounded the clarion call. However, under the increasing turnover and the national Carnival surface, business risk control and security situation is increasingly raging like a storm.


double eleven Carnival electricity supplier behind the wind control and security can not be ignored

electricity supplier during the festival security situation grim

network black rendering of the gang, the industry chain differentiation trend

large-scale users and a large number of cash flow has been for the electricity business posted a "atypical industry" label, network attacks, hacking, malicious scalping and other illegal acts step by step; especially in festivals, presses and other important nodes, the challenges faced by the electricity supplier will be more prominent. In the face of the nature of the industry and the harsh demands of the website architecture, data security and network security is the electricity supplier platform must be resolved technical problems.

Jingdong director Wu Kun said the wind control research, black industry are gradually from disorderly and brutal "gangs, specialization, fragmentation, Crowdsourcing", while the Jingdong’s risk control system is based on this trend, making data, rules, rules of three-in-one wind control algorithm, network relationship the risk of portrait and risks and make the whole process, all-round for the platform users, according to a comprehensive risk assessment system one by one, reached the final of the illegal production of "enemy" effect, to enhance the production of black cost, to kill in the bud.

electric wind control architect Chen Zhaogang said that social electricity providers have more than one UGC entrance, need more technical means for effective anti spam processing, avoid advertising, fishing and other illegal content impact the user experience. In addition, in order to brush single, fraudulent security also received a high degree of attention to the platform.

says Internet fraud black chain, Chen Zhaogang cited statistics hunting net platform, has formed more than 15 types of black production, more than 160 employees, the industrial scale of not less than 115 billion 200 million yuan. In the face of the grim situation, is committed to the system, against the wind control service intelligent platform, the method of security alliance Baotuan ability effectively enhanced.

it is understood that in network fraud, destruction of industrial ecology, traditional crime trend line black production network presents the production of black gang, resources, cloud industry chain differentiation represented.

How to ensure the safety of the electricity supplier

cloud security strategy? Tencent senior engineer Liu Feifei said the activities of anti brush, anti malware, anti malicious registration verification code, login, message filtering, keyword detection, file detection is the security problem of electronic business platform must be solved. It is understood that the Tencent rely on cloud day to solve the risks facing the imperial system application security class electricity supplier, at this stage already provide services for, Jingdong, mall, drops travel enterprises.


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