Amoy pink bar in Hangzhou college marketing competition fiery

is a year autumn came, in 2014 in Hangzhou University marketing competition kicked off.

sponsored by the Hangzhou Leixun Network Technology Co., Ltd. and China Jiliang University, China Jiliang University Marketing Association hosted the "Amoy powder" in Hangzhou University marketing competition began 27 days of on-site registration. Only three days, already has a huge team of 225.


the howling winds can not suppress students participating enthusiasm, the crowd could not stop the pace of enrollment of students. Just after class, students such as tide coming from the teaching area to the living area, they live through the guidance of the staff to "wash powder" cup market competition, the general content, staff to explain the understanding of the game contact friends, free, orderly registration; some students temporarily did not find enough team personnel get the staff will arrange their team’s commitment to peace of mind after registration. Finally, as of November 3rd, there are 225 teams, the team hit a record high, I believe this game will be more exciting!

at 18 pm on November 3rd, Amoy pink bar in Hangzhou University Marketing Contest will be held successfully in China Jiliang University. The event attracted more than 10 students from China Jiliang University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Zhejiang Media University and more than 300 students. Talk on the scouring powder it wireless operations director Yu Bowen of scouring powder IT products to do a simple introduction, after questioning, the students of the contest competition and scouring powder it APP showed abnormal attention, the atmosphere is very warm.


the "Amoy powder" cup marketing contest sponsored by China Jiliang University and invited all the universities in Hangzhou to participate, it is reported that the scouring powders ( is Hangzhou Leixun network’s flagship product, is the largest shopping rebate platform, and scouring powder it is used in the APP mobile phone number and the number of daily active occupy preferential shopping guide first class. The scouring powders in the double 11 is approaching, in Hangzhou to carry out the "Amoy powder Cup" college marketing competition, can be said to be directly seize the education market, paving the way for the double 11 started the battle.

up to 3 days of on-site registration has been completed, there are 225 teams entered the team, the number of new highs, I believe this game will be more exciting! Challenge your dreams, and your buddies work together, come on, boys! "Scouring powder it" cup marketing competition, round your business planning and commercial real dream, more 5000 yuan prize waiting for you to get


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