There are several domain name registrar is credible

a friend would like to ask me to help you register a domain name, I told her to go to a foreign domain name registrar there, if you can register, I will help her registration. Let her go abroad to register the business Network Solutions query there, because I do not believe that the domestic domain name registrar. Because the domestic broke a thing, once you query a domain name and not timely registration, second days of the domain name may be registered.

did not expect that the foreign company is also incredible. She said that the domain name can be registered, I went to register when it was displayed by the Network Solutions hold (locked reserved). Can only go to the company registration. It seems that crows are black. It is not a few domain name registrar can believe. I checked the information online, found that such a company like this, so to speak is to help people protect, but actually still want to let users run it there to register, expensive. With the domestic domain name at every turn to grab the ratio, it seems that this crow is not the most black.


Network Solutions lost face!!!


once the user search the domain name that is reserved American domain name provider shelling


Beijing January 11th / from the foreign media was informed: an American domain registrar recently after the user search domain, take the initiative to retain the domain name for four days, the customer can not in other sites to register the domain name price cheaper, this behavior is currently under detonation gun industry.

the company is the domain name registrar Network Solutions. In accordance with their company’s practice, once the user on their web site to search the domain name, the registrar will retain the domain name for four days. During this time, the user can not register domain names on other sites, only $35 a year in the price of the company registered.

$35 price is higher than other domain name registrar several times, in addition, the company retained the domain name for four days, they rely on the registration of the qualification without having to bear any costs.


of this company spokesman Susan said, the move is in order to avoid others cybersquatting, now some people want to know others once registered a domain name registration, registration on the first download and then to sell at high prices. Reservation measures them, can guarantee that the domain name will not be registered by other people.

however, this company was the practice of the industry. One blogger commented that the company’s approach was "extremely acceptable."."

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