2010 Alibaba latest ranking rules experience summary

Internet is sharing, only you don’t begrudge your share, you can get more. I like to know what they use to share with others, but also the inadequacies of the master.

last wrote an article on Alibaba’s latest ranking rules, very popular with everyone, and then go on to write their own experience. Specific summary of the following points:

1, the quality of information is very important, is the ranking of the premise, so you should first put the quality of information to go up, it is necessary to look down. How to improve the quality of information, you can refer to: 2010 Alibaba product information ranking of the latest rules.

2, information update: now do not update every 10 minutes every day, as long as you update the mass at 9:30 or so on the line, but can not be updated.

3, try every day to update your business shops, such as adding a news, or bulletin……

4, and now Alibaba attaches great importance to your activity on Ali website, that is, he would like you every day in the bubble on Ali, so this is included in the judgment of the information on the basis of ranking. Specific you can be, in your account Ali blogs and forums point of the article, the article must be of high quality, so that the moderator can probably give you with experience, because the ranking value of your experience and there is a relationship, this is a very important point.

5, want 24 hours online (if not 24 hours online, try to keep online)


for Ali to let customers more time to spend on their platform, so there are many more information ranking factors, so if you can do things for the Alibaba, do not go to other places, this ranking of your absolute good.


method using the above information, we (Henan Boda microwave drying equipment company) in just change the rankings when the search for "drying equipment and drying equipment" were ranked in the 20 page, now basically on the first page or second page.

above have deficiencies, please correct me, thank you!

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