Alibaba anti fake alliance suspended membership response does not affect cooperation

according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported that the Alibaba now stand on the embarrassing thing, the international anti fake Alliance announced yesterday, the strong opposition in a number of European and American luxury brand, has suspended the membership of the Alibaba.


alliance is the world’s largest international anti false anti counterfeiting infringement of the non-profit organization, headquartered in Washington, its members included in all areas of international well-known brands, a total of more than and 250 members, has a relatively high reputation in the industry. Mainly for the impact of counterfeit goods, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights to provide assistance to the company.


13 last month, Alibaba announced a high-profile international anti fake alliance. At that time, the Alibaba said: "by the international anti fake alliance, Alibaba group will be able to question on changes in the situation of counterfeiting infringement and protection of intellectual property rights, and other members of the organization of learning and constructive dialogue."

however, Ali’s arrival has triggered a rebound in the international anti fake coalition of other members. The first is light luxury brand Mike? Kors withdrew from the alliance, and said the Alibaba is the most dangerous of fashion. Since the crackdown strategies are just saying the brand behind the specious writing, forced crackdown, but in fact the platform for fake problem has not been solved practical.

Mike & Co. ‘s position is supported by the other more than and 20 members of the union of the. Although the chairman of the board of directors of the international anti fake continue to appease, and said Ali is a reliable partner, the incident is still continuing fermentation. May 11th and in May 12th, Italy fashion brand Gucci and the United States jewelry brand Tiffany has announced the withdrawal of anti fake alliance.

Under these pressures, the

has announced that, due to concerns of some members, the board has decided to suspend the "general membership" category of Ali, which will be discussed in more detail.

Alibaba group sent a written response to reporters, said: has been informed of the international anti fake alliance open letter, but it will not affect our existing relationships and cooperation projects. We firmly believe that Alibaba as the world’s largest electricity supplier platform is an important component of the global face and solve this problem. Alibaba will with more brands for a more detailed discussion and communication, and actively promote the international development of fake business forward.

about the Alibaba counterfeiting problem, different people have different views. Electric business observers of anonymity said, luxury brands this year in Chinese poor sales, but want to take the pot off to business platform, so only the international anti fake union membership suspended Ali happened:

business observers: many luxury goods are facing a decline in performance in Chinese, they may want to blame the business platform, in fact, including the Gucci luxury brand in the electronic business platform are well done, but is conducive to their electricity supplier sales >

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