2015 Chinese fresh electricity supplier big data analysis report per capita consumption of 339 7 yua

fresh electricity supplier big data

2015 1 to October, the average person fresh consumption reached 339.7 yuan, far more than other categories of consumer; consumer satisfaction of fresh high positive ratio reached 84%, and has formed a kind of fresh menu interaction; but fresh electricity consumption habits are not formed, before October to buy only a single consumer for 2/3, the market is still the mainstream products at low prices, supply, logistics, tourism, competitive strategy and other aspects still need further optimization of the development of the industry, how the truth, what is the relationship between fresh and


% user portrait system covers 5.5 hundred million Internet users, build consumer demographics, Internet marketing characteristics, features, content browsing preferences, preferences and other indicators of the picture system; the report from fresh electricity supplier online shopping behavior records and more than 60 thousand fresh products one hundred thousand consumer data points from the whole network commodity in the picture, with the help of machine learning, classification training model, through the division of the category and category of fresh products.

at the same time in order to better understand the focus of change and the demands of consumers, the report points system of public opinion from each big micro-blog platform capture relevant data, by volume, consumer concern and text mining based on emotion / reputation analysis dimension, further explore consumer attitudes towards fresh electricity supplier and the need to pay attention to and improve the links in the development that provide the data support for the development of the industry and the progress of enterprise.

fresh electricity supplier development background – fresh electricity supplier on behalf of a more efficient model, revenue enhancement, consumer upgrades, technological progress and capital intervention to promote the development of

electricity supplier is one of the important means to promote the development of agricultural progress, fresh due to its own value as well as transportation, warehousing and other characteristics, more suitable for the development of e-commerce. Compared with the traditional pattern of fresh, fresh electricity shortens the whole industry chain, to avoid the traditional mode of all aspects of the transportation, storage and other steps, the loss is reduced, at the same time as the core of fresh electricity supplier in the industry chain, the supply and demand sides of the transmission of information and communication more smoothly.


In recent years,

per capita disposable income of urban residents increased year by year, the Engel coefficient showed a downward trend, people’s living standard has been improved continuously; the upgrading of consumption, people’s demand for product level unceasingly is also consistent with the progressive, fresh electricity consumption trend of people, ushered in the outbreak is ripe. At the same time the progress of logistics and capital intervention also promote the development and upgrading of fresh electricity supplier.


fresh electricity commodity category – vegetables and fruits dominate, the overall price is low, seafood sales are relatively stable, consumers are satisfied with the fresh

fresh electricity supplier to sell fresh and ordinary food based, which accounted for 69.5% of the proportion of fresh products, the new year’s Eve is the net purchase of fresh Wang

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