Group purchase website safe winter 2012 battles

in a cloud of controversy, with the "shuffle", "cold", "winter" label, group purchase industry in the domestic e-commerce market is finally out of the shadow of 2011. According to the statistics of the group 800, until the end of November 2011, the group purchase station a total of 3907, a decrease of 3.7%. The upcoming Spring Festival will bring a glimmer of respite to buy the industry, a huge consumer demand will be released in a short period of time, ample liquidity on the market will accelerate the adjustment of the pattern of buy. The new year is expected, group purchase industry will usher in the change make only superficial changes in the business model.

sampling survey, in a week as the interval of the time range, there are updated local consumer group buying information only 42% of the total number of stations. And, if the strict implementation of the definition of O2O model to determine the number of buy site, the total number of less than 2000. It can be predicted that in the new year, diversion, optimization will still be the fate of the need to face the purchase of thousands of stations.

burn has become the mainstream

according to statistics, in 2011 the major group buying site for the total cost of advertising has more than 1 billion yuan. From the beginning of this year, the U.S. group net first disclosed the advertising war plan, announced to the outside world will total up to 130 million yuan in the tender advertisement plan; subsequently, rice group said it will invest 200 million yuan for the CCTV and local TV advertising costs; advertising budget is 300 million yuan, Groupon is ifheavier, reached 550 million yuan, a wave higher than the wave.

Focus Media said, buy site and electricity supplier website has become the largest advertisers. The cost of billions of dollars of market station group purchase line, second line in fifty million, no one dared to expose this bubble, even let some investors expect chase capital. The domestic e-commerce expert Chinese Nobel network analysis, in addition to handle, the U.S. group, F group, full have completed two rounds of financing, the scale of more than $50 million, while Wo Wo Group said the A round of financing of $200 million. According to statistics of each station open, 2011 Chinese group purchase industry financing scale of nearly $1 billion. The bulk of these bulk buying station became the front line in charge of the front, they have a unique "pet"".

can enter and can go to the station, group purchase has become a Taiwan hundred-percent "burning machine". The United States mission, for example, although the monthly growth of 20%, but still a loss of RMB 10 million yuan. Currently there are $40 million on the account, conservative estimates can also be done two years, the United States Mission CEO Wang Wang view estimates. But these are only limited to the small circle line station number ten group purchase but also the second tier, in less than one hundred, the rest of the station will tear thousands of struggles.

Regional differentiation under


not all stations have the ability to set up outlets nationwide

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