Herbal flavor is really want you to buy three squirrels into a platform for migrant workers

days ago, haoxiangnizao industry Limited by Share Ltd to 960 million yuan acquisition of becheery "(James Hao Hangzhou Food Co. Ltd) approved by the sfc. The leisure food business mergers and acquisitions in the first case, the audit report released by the two sides detailed disclosure of becheery sales of nearly three years, but the green squirrel noticed the main cost for platform promotion costs, platform Commission and courier, three sales of the highest occupied 69.8%.


It also highlights the

herbs flavor, three squirrels, Ichiban shop as the representative of the leisure food electricity supplier: focus on the common features of nuts and other popular category for low-cost fighting, buy traffic promotion at a high price, in exchange for easily breaking 100 million yuan of sales of "great leap forward", is behind the dismal profit margins, even reduced to "work for platform" situation.

burn mode: flow up profit + commission + delivery cost of nearly 70%

green squirrel was a "Hangzhou Hao James food limited company audit report" shows that becheery in electricity supplier channels mainly through the Jingdong, Tmall, No. 1 store sales, which in 2013, 2014 and 2015 three quarter revenues were 229 million yuan, 612 million yuan and 815 million yuan net profit respectively; -10.47 million, -645.79 million yuan and 14 million 235 thousand and 300 yuan.

it is worth noting that the price of the company’s online sales platform promotion fee, platform Commission, express logistics costs become the three main cost of its profits. 2013, 2014 and the first three quarters of this year, these expenditures were up to 31 million 573 thousand yuan, respectively, $85 million 880 thousand and $100 million, respectively, accounted for 61.4% of the cost of sales, 69.8% and 68.8%, respectively, and $three. This also means that, in the full year of the composition of the annual business, revenue from online sales contribution, most of the electricity supplier platform and courier companies take away.

, a casual food provider of electricity providers to provide data to the green squirrels, leisure food electricity supplier is currently the average unit price of 100 yuan / single, with an average gross profit of about $25%, of which the average courier fee of $6 / single.

delivery costs 6 yuan / single and becheery 2014 revenue projections, the annual order quantity is about 6 million 870 thousand, average price is 89 yuan / single, the purchase price of raw materials, the cost is about 68.56 yuan / single, gross profit is about 22.96%. In 20.43 yuan per gross profit only, and is the platform take 4.24 yuan promotion expenses, 2.24 yuan Commission, plus delivery costs 6 yuan / single, and salary, tax management, rent 8.97 yuan / single fee, equivalent to a loss of 1.02 yuan per unit, resulting in the annual loss of about 6000000 yuan.

from the overall structure of the leisure food electricity supplier, traffic, commission, courier to occupy the overall cost of 8%->

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