E commerce spawned new demand for commercial real estate logistics warehouse supply shortage

report shows a serious shortage of logistics warehouse supply

in full swing of e-commerce not only change people’s spending habits, but also for the traditional commercial real estate changes. International well-known real estate consultants DTZ DTZ report shows that the rapid growth of e-commerce industry, bring greater demand for Chinese warehouse, but the current domestic modern logistics warehouse supply is seriously insufficient. For investors and developers, the current challenge is the lack of logistics and land development in conjunction with the development of e-commerce. Investors should consider investing in a major logistics provider that owns a land reserve or has a logistics facility.

logistics warehouse supply shortage of

According to

report, China online shopping sales over the past 5 years to an annual growth of 99%, far more than the annual growth rate of 9%. Just look in November 11, 2012 (singles) day sales figures, China biggest shopping website taobao.com and online business to consumer (B2C) shopping platform (Tmall), on the same day has more than 19 billion 200 million yuan in sales, Hongkong is 21 times the average daily total retail sales.

Ji Yanxun director

Dead Leung Ban of China research department pointed out: "Chinese consumer e-commerce showed rapid growth, but the Internet penetration Chinese is 37%, far below the level of developed countries. Therefore, China’s online consumption is still huge growth potential. From now to 2015, it is estimated that China will have 30 million people on the Internet for the first time." Such rapid growth momentum will bring new space for real estate development.

report shows that e-commerce has changed the way the supply chain management, so that it becomes a dominant demand from supply led. The ultimate purpose of business is not to use the warehouse to store excess goods, so that the supply chain operation is smooth, but to transport the goods to the hands of customers (that is, to fulfill orders and delivery). The warehouse has always been a supporting equipment in the business, but it plays an important role in the electronic commerce. This change has a profound impact on the location, size and location of logistics property.

part rents rose 85%

report shows that in recent years, more and more online shopping for B2C (business to individual) model, is expected to 2015 its share will reach 40%, which will make the logistics industry in the role of e-commerce is more prominent. However, the lack of supply of modern logistics warehouse facilities, this type of property currently accounts for only 2% of the total area of the total area of China, that is, most of them are in the middle or low-end logistics property.

however, in part by the converted factory, construction quality is not high, rough, lack of cargo handling equipment, freight traffic inconvenience. In the first tier cities, the shortage of logistics warehouses pushed up the rent growth of such properties, the past few years, Shanghai, part of the region’s logistics park rent increased by 85%>

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