The trend of product marketing development in small and medium sized enterprises

in the development of many industry websites, small and medium enterprises should be the main force, they rely on quantity and personnel advantages, occupy half of the country the whole electronic commerce. Today in paradise bird and share their product marketing in small and medium enterprises, the development trend of polymerization brand fine.

a, why is the trend of the fine brand


2010 is an indelible milestone for e-commerce, branding and promotion is more prominent here. Whether it is a search engine or e-commerce sites are focused on the development of their own brands, as soon as the forest is full of". Have to go through such a period of time, the establishment of a brand in the promotion and marketing hands, it becomes simple: a hot event will be able to achieve a brand, which is common. For consumers, the advantage is that more information is informed of the product; the negative side is not clear in the end what brand is good. The end result is funny – it’s easy to make a brand, but it’s complicated.

two, how to establish the direction of brand refinement

in paradise bird that in determining a brand to brand marketing, how to establish the prerequisite is to understand the small and medium-sized enterprises, which product advantages and create more outstanding. So, you have mastered the beginning of the beginning of the fine brand. The next thing to do is a set of marketing programs. Then through the staff, the team to carry out, the process is relatively simple to determine the first point, you know.

three, the brand fine marketing promotion, including what aspects

when a lot of people in a stunt like "brand" struggle, the real brand of fine chemicals need to do is from product quality, product effect, logistics tracking, after-sales service and other you can not think of the details start strengthening, to create a brand worth test it is the correct direction of a real brand.

The bird of paradise

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