Han beam Chen Yuxin do not change the derivative will stall


] August 21st news billion state power network, taking Han beam micro CEO Chen Yuxin in the 2015 Ebang mobile e-commerce will be published on a public speech, he said, if I can’t make a change, micro business will become business owners, was in the street before, is now in the circle of friends set.

Han beam micro quotient CEO Chen Yuxin

Chen Yuxin believes that micro business is scolded because social marketing there are two pain points: 1, organization structure is not stable; 2, China traditional society friends to talk about business ethics disorder. Micro business chaos is the root cause of instability brought about by structural instability, the incentive to bring chaos pricing without protection."

this, Chen Yuxin said, micro business must solve two problems: stability and rest assured.

Chen Yuxin believes that micro business platform is not equal to the shopping guide website, micro business is based on regional business, at the end of the share based on the business end, so the essence of derivative is the group belongs to the group of consumption, consumption will be the basis for future business ecosystem.

it is understood that the conference theme of "small time" we are directed at the 2015 mobile e-commerce industry trends, in many fields of mobile providers, O2O, retail, services, such as cross-border electricity supplier, face to the center of the era, young customers, market segments, the scene of the demand, discusses how to establish the business model of severe vertical, the foundation for its survival.

the conference by the Chengdu Municipal People’s government and the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce, the state power grid network contractors, Co. According to the organizer of the state power grid, meeting separately from the "small is beautiful" how to live ", two entrepreneurs how to break" and "vertical scene to go" "history rewriting" four plates of about the collision of passion in fashion retail, plastic, second-hand car, with a number of new, young woman fresh electricity supplier in the field of mobile internet.

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