Depth analysis Ali Suning who made this sale lose

changes in the world, the wind a lumpy. Yesterday, Zhang Jindong also NPC and CPPCC and Ma to tax the tear forced, then eggs, today people have to shake hands and become "in laws".

is the so-called water is, work out measures to suit local conditions, if you believe that electricity providers and traditional enterprises in today’s O2O irreconcilable opposed to, the chaotic era, it can only be "ha ha".

so, the new normal is not at the electricity supplier, behind the common interests, there are a lot of hidden clues. This is destined to write textbooks, the retail business the largest in the history of a cooperative, deep hidden what information? The future of the industry pattern of retail electricity supplier, and which will bring profound influence to the human eye? Throw to the era of high perspicacity, negative voices, leaving the best footnote.

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billion state power network special senior electricity suppliers who "fee" for the first time, to readers:

Ali 28 billion 300 million shares of Suning, today the largest electricity supplier of all dirt, people are watching, I will start from three points: 1 Tan Suning Effect 2 after talking about Ali and Ali shares Suning produced, 3 on other platforms.


1, which is the most valuable piece of Su Ning


is the first to see people. As a company of such volume and positioning of the company so the market, Suning is almost all of the electricity supplier inside, in terms of people and team is the most robust, which is essential in the electricity supplier industry. Traditional companies to embrace the Internet transformation process many people fall into the pit, reshuffling that all the cost of trial and error and time cost and opportunity cost are all paid off. Suning did not return to the old road at this point. Suning all the cost of trial and error, time cost, opportunity cost, all are concentrated in a very stable core executives.

is the most typical Li Bin actual control of Su Ning too strong to break. Li Bin had a role in the airborne stepped in, is not Su Ning of the "Red Guards", past Li Bin’s appointment and level has been rising, as Suning such a rule of corporate governance of traditional enterprises, is rare.

this is Su Ning such a long time, no detours to walk second times, did not make mistakes second times, or even six years can be getting better, based on small broad.

second see business. Suning has not diminished in the field of 3C, all electric, but have strengthened (in small appliances, small 3C in this category, by the Jingdong to go very much market share), overall Suning has ensured the core industry base line under the line service robustness, also did not encounter is said to be unilateral or weaken the embarrassment of differentiation.

has such a foundation, Suning strive to seek breakthrough and growth in the department store, slowly found their own play and feel. For example, Suning stores in the TV drama implants, naming good voice and some other popular programs, are some small marketing leveraging >

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