Corn registration and investment skills

does not write the preface, do not talk nonsense, we look at the example directly. With the example of talking, after watching their own to think. Think about.

1: I do not have to check is not already registered, I did not go to check the is not already registered, I did not go to is not already registered, because I know it must have been registered. If you don’t believe me, you have to check. If you haven’t registered yet, Congratulations, you’re rich.

after a very famous website plus a com net what registration for your meter can quickly promote your site.

2: I believe that the Admin5 come out before, few people use the site at the end of 5, just like the yuanma8 did not come out before the end of 8, there are few sites with the same Admin5, a domain name has been registered, 5 almost, what what source B network network, and with the network end, borrow the webmaster that is, there are a lot of network B network, source code, etc., is basically the suffix 5 meters almost no good. As if the yuanma8 had caused 8 suffixes to overflow.

with a well-known suffix to register a new meter to promote your site faster.

3: the last time I saw in order to buy the rice is spent a lot of money, the website called potatoes, potatoes, rice has not registered Pinyin, not money that you deserve, so many examples. Friends, if you see now which site is more famous, if he did not register his Pinyin meters, then you immediately registered. Waiting for him to send you the money is, but if the station is not well-known you do not register, a waste of rice money.

It is very important to register a

website with a phonetic alphabet, which is no more important than Pinyin in china.

4:19floor do not know if you still do not know, the 19 floor, but unfortunately, he registered is and for the development of one of the biggest China forum, he suddenly found that turned out to be someone else registered, not his, the lawsuit is useless, he had bought a new meter, change the domain name. In addition, the last time you saw a friend in the web page that he developed a local station, but also because the results of the registration of the forgotten com finished.

register a meter, pay special attention to, if you intend to do regular station development,.Com must be controlled in your hands.

I believe that

watched friends have a harvest, if you say you have no harvest, go back to your wall for three days.!


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