315 electricity providers do not fight the price war to recommend the 360 security browser

looking back on the past 2012, price war has become a key word throughout the electricity supplier. Billion yuan from sales to trillion yuan, the electricity supplier industry only spent a year. The "price war" in the electricity supplier industry constantly refresh sales record at the same time, is also a time to tease the desire of consumers to buy. Now the price war at low tide, but consumer enthusiasm for online shopping is still unabated, the network shopping environment security has become the focus of major business topics.


figure: use 360 security browser can enjoy the first double net loss amount

recently, 360 shopping mall, dangdang.com, Jingdong, Lasafo, Gome online, shop No. 1, suning.com, glutinous rice network, brewmaster network, vip.com and many domestic first-line business website, to provide security for the users of online shopping, and issued a "safe shopping declaration", for users of online shopping security escort.

shopping site shopping platform is really safe beyond count, and identify, select safe browser is very important. It is reported that 360 security browser has a "mirror" function, the website name card, web cloud security three swords combination, it is easy to judge the safety of the new website, effective to identify phishing sites. In addition, the 360 shopping platform also introduced in March this year, the official website of the concept of the electricity supplier to ensure the safety of consumers online shopping.

at the same time, the company launched 360 pay first online shopping service has 400 million users as promised, as long as 360 security guards for users encounter online shopping Trojans or phishing sites and caused property losses, the company will provide 360 advance payment of up to 36 thousand yuan for the user. Through 360 security browser online shopping, the highest is to get a payment of 72 thousand.

currently has included wheat bags, shoes, taking Leyou, intime, starry, Mcglaughlin and other hundreds of business website, jointly recommended "with 360 browser for online shopping". As security products 360, 360 browser with network fraud, phishing and other advantages, through the cooperation with the electricity supplier, to bring more benefits to the enterprise at the same time, can effectively curb network fraud, protect the interests of consumers, give consumers a safe online shopping environment. DUMBO)

source CCTIME

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