How to apply for domain names and protect the domain name

, a domain name, domain name can be divided into categories of international domain name and domain name in China, the main difference lies in the different domain both division and management mechanism, the Internet domain name system in the three categories: top level domain top-level domain names, geographical top-level domain, the new top-level domain.

The first category is the category

top-level domain, a total of 6 people respectively end with different suffix: com (for network service), net (for network service), org (for organization association), gov (for the government), edu (for educational institutions), mil (for military field).

second category is the top-level domain name, a total of 243 countries and regions of the code, such as.Cn on behalf of China,.Uk on behalf of the British and so on, so that the domain name suffix accordingly called the domestic domain name".

third top-level domain, which is the so-called "new top-level domain" is ICANN, according to the development needs of the Internet, make a resolution in November 2000, from 2001 began to use the international top-level domain, also contains 7 kinds of Biz, info, name, pro, aero, coop, museum. The first 3 are non restrictive domains, and the latter is the restricted domain of the 4.

two, the domain name selection skill, when a domain name must follow two basic principles: one is the domain name should be concise, easy to input; two is the domain name have a certain meaning and significance.

three, domain name step poly, first apply for approval, that is, first come first served, after the approval of the domain name. Can go to the following recommended grilled trusted website application. Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) registration services: China nets Beijing

so there is corn by cybersquatting, rich people in Shanghai registered 16 It is often seen., related to the domain name, asking 3 million 330 thousand. The November 11, 2005 Olympic mascot "Fuwa five" announced that night, "the five Fuwa".Cn and.Com domain name has been registered. Then part of the domain name in Taobao, eBay and other online sellers, once photographed 50 thousand yuan. Sellers are so expensive to explain: "this name in the next three years the absolute appreciation potential unlimited." Before the launch of "Shenzhou VI", "shen6" domain name has been registered first, and was transferred, the highest price reached 130 thousand yuan.

finally there is to protect their own domain name, the domain name is generally charged, to pay on time. Payment within one month of the cost, otherwise the domain name will be automatically canceled. A domain name is an important resource, especially for a company or person who is famous. How much corn has been on the name of a lot of software and look at fiercely as a tiger does, to monitor these domain names, domain name once the cancellation will soon be registered right to use it only at a high price to buy, will.

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