Seven fairy flowers network CEO Wu always talk about flowers in the first entrance to the site of th

seven fairy flower network ( is a typical flower like B2C station. Now, the site’s daily independent IP is 15000, PV breakthrough of 130000. Founder Wu told us that customers enter the site, search keywords on Baidu has become the first entrance, accounting for 70% of the total number of customers into the site.

according to this understanding, in the China B2C website, the main entrance into the customer site, in addition to advertising, there are five, one is the Baidu keyword, Google search on the site, a news report, a blog, a community post, a web site link the most important one of which is from the search site, the proportion is more than 30%, the first known as the site of the entrance.

seven fairy flowers Wu Wu’s experience is the first entrance under the death of Kung fu. He is a IT man, but he gave up his design site, he believes that a B2C site, to do a lot of things, it is impossible to do everything yourself, to know what the best thing you can do. B2C platform, he is more than a few later, chose to find their own development platform, and quickly increase the cost to 38 thousand yuan model, all of a sudden to solve all the technical problems.

seven fairy flowers after developing, took only three days to basically familiar with the platform of the whole process of the operation, and the security is impeccable. They don’t have any code in the base case, it can really go to visit the mall, visit customers also began to slowly go up. It is Baidu search engines like Google to flow, then carefully studied, the key benefit from their own system of search engine optimization options, you can set the keyword and description of each page, which is the humanized settings based on the wholesale Street less than half the time, without any advertising, website, 20000PV 15000IP every day.

has visited this, wholesale Street began internal articles, began to fully optimize the website, including commodity page pictures, text description, page design, to humanity, to allow customers to experience the shopping process is very good. Subsequently, began to spend more energy on the online payment. Commendable is, ShopEx mall system in these areas are in place, that is to say, as long as you want, can achieve. After doing these basic work, the seven fairy flowers nets Wu total combined with their own learning SEO knowledge, the results of the wholesale Street set keywords are ranked in the top three Baidu. This time the site’s visit has exceeded 3500IP.

next work is to increase the viscosity of the customer. Seven fairy flowers network Wu always open the QQ group and the seven fairy flowers network forum to facilitate communication between customer members. At the same time, the web site to provide their own service standards, the first is to establish their own reputation, retain existing users, but also constantly explore new users; secondly, in terms of quality, brand and style

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