Hongkong VOP products Globe7 guide to register online advertising

Northgate Technologies Co., Ltd. R & D Globe7 is a high value-added innovative products in the global patent certification, and by Axill Europe Co., Ltd. is responsible for marketing.

Globe7 a free download software, combined with voice, video, instant messaging, real-time video playback, with online advertising, you can instantly turn your computer into second phones. You can dial the phone for free computer and computer calls, can very low rates called the global fixed line and mobile phones, and enjoy free film, instant news and SMS service. Than is currently being promoted SKYPE has great advantages.

Axill Europe Co., Ltd. has the best telecommunications switching equipment, but also in London to build the world’s largest SIP software switching system, providing the strongest support for Globe7.

During the

activities, as long as you can immediately get online registration 38 minutes free time to participate in more than a month to participate in the crazy lottery, there is a chance to win fashion phones, MP3 players and other gifts. After the registration of each successful recommendation of 1 relatives and friends to register, you can get 10 minutes of talk time, the monthly introduction of the top 10 users can also get more additional prizes

unit price 0.6 yuan / successful download registration activation, the month to install the registration amount of more than 1000 yuan / successful download registration activation. Advertisers promise, according to the quality of the installation, the price can be up at the same time, I will be based on the price of the alliance will be given to the floating price, the current price is the lowest line (



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