As a genuine seller Taobao is fake what kind of experience

Alibaba said in the first three quarters of 2014, Taobao under the shelf of the about 90000000 problem goods, nearly a hundred thousand businesses punished.

at 9:30 on May 18th, Shenzhen, a Taobao store owner Liu received a penalty notice. Her shop is Taobao judgment and selling behavior, deducted 24 points, a week forced shielding shop.

Liu runs a three Taobao stores, the main purchasing originals, description, service and logistics are more than 4.8 points. There are 8 million 964 thousand and 800 items known as "purchasing genuine Taobao, as one of the genuine purchasing shop, she felt that the punishment was too ironic.

she quickly made a deal, more than 10 points have been ready for the last half of all the purchasing small ticket, ready to buy the first ticket to fly directly to the base of the Taobao Hangzhou, face to face self evidence.

actually refused to accept the judgment of the business, Taobao has a complete online complaint process. Merchants can be based on the presentation of the goods on the web page of detailed documents by the staff to investigate and assess the processing time usually takes 3-5 working days. Although the efficiency is not low, but for an average daily sales of several million shops, or can not afford to wait so long. "I bought more than 1 in the afternoon to fly to Hangzhou, Shenzhen airlines tickets, thinking about the arrival of their work, the best that day will be able to give me a solution."

but due to flight delays, more than 6 points to reach the city of Hangzhou, Taobao, employees have been out of work. Miss Liu can not get the same day.

three years ago, Miss Liu also met by the system to identify the fake case, she is also with a small ticket directly to Hangzhou. Different is, Taobao was responsible for solving the Department in an office building, now moved to the outskirts of the city of Taobao, "great, from a door to another door to ten minutes, the police station and park, the police wear clothes".

Another change is that

, and three years ago, even the customer service are not seen, a front desk to get it, compared to the appeal of the program seems to be a lot of.

second days after 9 in the morning, in front of the ID card registration information, telephone, Wangwang, a customer service staff received Miss Liu in a special reception room in the customer relationship. Customer service staff checks more than and 20 orders from the shops past transactions, by Miss Liu to find the corresponding shopping small ticket, after verification confirmation. 11:11, the store shows the success of the complaint, revocation of punishment.


‘s got a total of two hours at Taobao. But I do not know what the specific criteria for Taobao, why would I find." Liu Xiaojie said, "if the sellers have the suspicion of selling fake products, at least to send a notification, we are required to provide proof, provide out punishment. So to me

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