Agricultural electricity providers represent the general trend problems will be encountered in futur

July 16th major news, according to Jingdong official introduction, a number of Jingdong have successfully settled business platform, become Jingdong’s flagship store. The project by the compound fertilizer brand Jin Zhengda and China agricultural industry development fund jointly invest 2 billion to build. Means that the majority of farmers and friends can buy fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural products by Jingdong on a commercial flagship store. In recent years, the electricity supplier to the countryside has become a major trend, Taobao and Jingdong are active in rural electricity supplier strategy. The reason is that the rural electricity supplier has not yet been developed, and a huge demand, such as fertilizers, seeds and other products, there is a very substantial profit market.

: the first agricultural electricity providers must integrate existing resources

but the rural electricity supplier will encounter a variety of obstacles and difficulties, the future is bright, the road is tortuous. First, similar "agribusiness one" of the agricultural electricity providers store, must integrate existing resources, to seed products as an example, only reached a cooperation with those old brand seed company. Let them become a source of seed suppliers, but these traditional companies are not necessarily able to accept Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform. A just need products in rural areas belong to the seed, the annual rural farming need to purchase large quantities of seeds. Usually only those who choose high visibility, brand companies, or buy the seeds of the problem, the loss of farmers will be very large.

second: network coverage in rural areas is very low

at present, the coverage rate of rural and township areas is relatively low, with the acceleration of urbanization, the population in the rural areas is becoming less and less. What’s more, the number of young people is decreasing sharply, and the vast majority of young people have chosen to go out to work. Middle aged and old people have little contact with the Internet, especially in the rural areas. To make this part of the crowd accustomed to online shopping, I am afraid it is not an easy thing, the same is true in the network equipment. Many villages are unable to follow broadband equipment, there is no computer, so it is difficult to online shopping, unless the use of mobile Internet shopping.

third: Agricultural electricity providers face the traditional enterprise boycott

agricultural electricity providers if really can no ground for blame, popularity, so for people who must be good. But for traditional agricultural enterprises is very big impact, the threat to the core interests of these enterprises, of course, will be a collective boycott. In the electricity supplier has been eroding the traditional retail industry, agricultural electricity providers will completely replace the traditional agricultural enterprises. It is difficult to reconcile the contradictions between the two sides, so the commercial one and other rural electricity supplier once the rise, those traditional enterprises will be faced with the danger of closure. The electricity supplier to the countryside will completely change the original consumer market in rural areas, the majority of retail industry will be showing.

Of course,

is not only the seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural products, there are many rural supermarkets, markets and other places of daily consumption. Electricity supplier to the countryside should be important strategic layout in these areas, the focus is to provide farmers with daily necessities.

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