The game may be a new way to play chess game website

we know the game website, a lot of online games, but the game is still relatively small shopping site. I said that the game shopping is not referring to those who buy props ah, but to buy real goods. Shopping is the game through the game on the site to get gold coins, and then through the purchase of real gold coins. Now many chess game sites are real money game, also is to get money to buy gold, then will win the gold honor. But now the state of the real money gambling began to fight and control, so, some sites began to get bonus or gift way to reward players through the game. The way of gift giving is closer to the concept of game shopping.

so an attractive game shopping site in the end what needs? I think the first: the game has to be more commonly used to play the game. Second: the product should be more attractive, can attract others to buy. Third: to the game as the core radiation related entertainment and other friends stick to the customer, when the fixed amount of customers reached a certain degree, can, and the friends of gold group purchase circulation etc..

game shopping sites should also be free of charge, the game should be a variety of ways to get gold coins, not only can buy gold coins, you can always hold some activities to reward what ah.

we are now running their own game shopping site, the theme of the site is the game shopping entertainment friends. Everyone in our game doesn’t know who he’s playing with, only the seat number, so it can be fair. And then transfer those to the forum and friends to go to the center. We are thinking of pre registration send gold, the beginning is not between friends give each other a gold coin, is also afraid of crazy registration, then have free access to gold, then the gold shopping, because we will provide our merchandise to cash, commodity price itself is very cheap, we may be losing a lot earlier. Then we recommend players to enter and we also reward gold. And then intend to hold a number of attractive gold coins and physical activities to attract some members. Now we are thinking about some offline promotion and some related investment, the project investment is relatively large, great pressure, we will not violate state laws based on the good operation of this website. I hope that friends have what ideas, opinions or channels and welcome to contact us, we exchange a lot, indebted forever


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