Bank shock staring at the electricity supplier of cake

in 2012, the major electricity supplier websites for dividing the site when the banks are beginning to think of this "cake". In the second half of this year, including CCB, Bank of China and other five banks, including banks, have started or ready to shock". Currently, there are more than 4 independent banking platform provider. Internet research, said the bank opened shop strong financial, financial services and payment are advantages, but compared to the larger gap between mature electricity supplier flow. The bank said it entered the field of electricity providers intended to improve customer stickiness, to provide more financial services.

a number of banks online shop

from the electronic banking, online banking on a small piece of credit card mall to the current number of banks to build an independent operation of the commodity platform, the bank is to increase investment in e-commerce. In June this year, the Construction Bank [4.57 -0.22% shares it research report] on the introduction of the B2C type of good financial business personal mall and B2B style good financial business enterprise mall". In September the bank also launched the "cross Bo, the commodity Museum as an open shopping platform, payment businesses, merchants and other brand alliance is composed of electronic. Bank of China launched self-service devices and mobile banking on the use of cloud shopping e-commerce platform. ABC and many other banks also have plans to launch its own e-commerce platform next year. In addition, Huaxia Bank [9.99 -1.48% shares research report] also launched the "business Express" for customers and provide payment and settlement funds depository services.

electricity supplier in the past two years’ double eleven ‘and other online shopping promotion, the sale of the sale of the amazing number of concerns caused by." CNR sound economic commentator Zhao Zhanling said. As a traditional financial institutions of the banking industry, in the electricity supplier to see the annual turnover of trillion yuan may also began to sit still. According to iResearch data show that in 2011 China’s electronic [0.70 -2.78%] business continued rapid development trend in 2010, while showing a variety of new trends, the annual market size of 7 trillion yuan, an increase of 46.4%. Expected in the next 3 to 5 years, China’s e-commerce market, the average growth rate of more than 35% in 2015 will reach $26 trillion and 500 billion.

financial services is the main industry

but according to the current banking business platform proportion, the banking sector is likely to "ulterior motives."." Zhao Zhanling said that after all, the income of the retail sector is not the core business for the bank, but it is more worthy of concern to provide financial services. Simple online shopping, the bank is not a strategic product. But the online banking business may be a real innovation." Zhao Zhanling introduction.

CCB said that the introduction of good financial business, intended to improve customer stickiness, to provide more financial services. Consumers in the traditional shopping business platform, capital precipitation in the third party payment institutions, in the banking business platform for shopping, by the bank directly control the transfer of funds, capital > consumers

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