Earthquake relief Cn domain donation up to 95 batches

recently, the reporter from the Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) was informed that, since May 18th, the center for disaster relief donation national CN domain name, the domain name has reached the 95 batch to receive donations, donated by the public "" domain name has been enabled.

in the donation list as well as,,, (Sichuan payment) donated to the domain name for Sichuan.

registered "" domain name more than a dozen donors Li Yinghao said, "I hope Chinese Red Cross set up like a bank. The special service number, so that everyone can remember, when a disaster occurs, the donor special service call number, login service number corresponding website, donors can be the first time the donation." (donated rescue) domain name Bai Kebin said, want to do a website to escape, communication skills to escape, reduce unnecessary casualties, but he felt that the domain name is very suitable for their donations to set up a special report relief knowledge and information website. Similar sites as well as (self-help),, also expressed the hope that we can learn more about the desire to help themselves.

in the donor, some buy domain name from the hands of others after the donation, such as the donation of "" company, said that the domain name is they purchased from the hands of the original registration, the original registrant has the proceeds donated to the disaster area, they hope that this domain can contribute to any disaster mechanism.

it is understood that CCTV International China Wenchuan earthquake relief network enabled the donation of, but also includes "Wenchuan. Cn "," Wenchuan, China ". Cn "," I want love. Cn, "I love china. Cn and other Chinese domain names, Xinhua Wenchuan earthquake relief special website is enabled, Xinhua Wenchuan. CN "and" "domain names. Newspaper reporter Li Kuankuan

four categories of public donations. CN net name

government agency information release:


disaster rescue:

(, (relief) (rescue),, (psychological assistance).

Memorial (such as,, (Wenchuan)

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