The first free shop platform shop and Taobao cooperate to promote double

as the largest e-commerce software and services provider ShopEx B2C’s independent online shop platform "I shop" ( in order to maximize the support of small and medium-sized shopkeepers growth, facilitate future shopkeepers to multiple shop management, formal and Taobao established a relationship between the depth of cooperation, the first phase of the "Taobao" the project has been completed, many Taobao set off a wind independent shop shopkeeper. At present, "my shop is in a stage of rapid development, has created a number of industries such as the number of users first, first, market share of the first and only one to provide free B2C service shop and a strategic partnership with Taobao, pat, Google B2C online shop platform service provider.

a copy of the data package to complete the product synchronization

according to the "I shop" relevant responsible person said, at present the first phase of the "Taobao" project has been completed, the Taobao shop and orders a type wdwd into the shop, and can achieve synchronous commodity. Convenient operation, by the praise of the shopkeeper. According to the "I shop" relevant responsible person said, this function will continue to upgrade, not only to check and order goods, the latter will continue to in-depth cooperation with Taobao, complete synchronization login, a backstage management and two on the platform of multiple sites and other projects.

Baidu search help promote

search engine is now the largest source of Internet traffic, every day there are about 360 million people using Baidu to search for product information, but Taobao blocked Baidu spider in Baidu is not search Taobao store information. As an online B2C independent shop pioneer my shop in the high weight of Baidu, in my shop platform shop, Baidu will be included in priority. At the same time, "my shop is equipped with professional personnel to assist the treasurer to do branding for the shop, let the store have higher visibility.

The new

can also have high order


it is understood that the new Taobao shop shopkeeper are entangled in the problem of improving the seller of credit on the only price war. Cause a lot of new boss survival rate is not high, just independent shop eliminates this confusion, because they are all independent shops, there is no competition relationship between the shops. Plus free Google keyword promotion and other marketing services, make a lot of "I just into the shop" rookie level store manager, not only shop opened, and also to the weekly earnings growth of more than 1000 yuan development trend.

old shopkeeper agreed in advance wish

A lot of Taobao

shop shopkeeper are hope to have their own brand to do the next line store, Taobao store development to independent shops is currently a lot of shop first step to achieve brand promotion. The advantages of the independent shop in an independent store standard, can be self promotion, self management, has its own brand. "I shop" not only have these qualities, also provides users with free use, the "Taobao" project to solve a large number of Business > shopkeeper

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