Dong Mingzhu latest wonderful view custom zero inventory C2B are not science


Dong Mingzhu (GREE Group Chairman and chairman and chief executive officer of GREE)

recently, the "Chinese entrepreneurs" business Mulan list released, Dong Mingzhu ranking, to her and 30 elected women entrepreneurs to congratulate. However, Dong Mingzhu received an interview after the award, I fell down.

Dong Mingzhu took the initiative to talk with Lei Jun bet, "this thing, I want to say is a clear point of view, I think this is the change of marketing mode, and not replace mode, just add mode." This is the struggle of ideas, Dong Mingzhu as the most representative of the industrial era of entrepreneurs, this stubborn can understand.

but then, Dong Mingzhu cheap to online sellers, C2B, customization, zero inventory launched a fierce shelling, that is "Jerry" and "science". Estimates, if you let Dong Mingzhu comment on the recent popular chips, may be labeled as the keyword scam.

on the transformation of traditional enterprise Internet, I love is deep, hate cut. We have some new minimally invasive president of the camp students, and even millet does not rely on the channel to sell 30 billion serious doubt that it is absolutely impossible. The traditional enterprise resources, finance, manufacturing, design, these are the biggest energy transformation of the Internet, but why are they so difficult transition, the biggest challenge is thinking the founder or CEO of the limitations. I said, all limitations are self handicapping. Our Internet transformation of traditional business, the first thing is to destroy the most important views.

three is the world outlook, outlook on life and values. World outlook to self destruct, to abandon the traditional enterprise past that tall, 500 to become the industrial age thinking, embrace the first small and beautiful Internet thinking reputation; life to self destruct, past entrepreneurs love holding, holding because of insecurity, entrepreneurs now carrying only the most unsafe. Values to self destruct, past enterprise values are basically the company as the center, now need to be transformed into a consumer centric".

Dong Mingzhu on these points of view of the Internet, but also part of the voice of traditional enterprises, I want to say that this will make your business into a dangerous situation, because you are shielding the future.

1, the essence of electricity supplier is not cheap, but the user life cycle management. This is not a change in the marketing model, but the subversion of the business model. In the past, home appliance manufacturers to sell things to the user’s hand, is the end of the sale. But for the Internet appliance, the home appliance sold to the hands of users, but the beginning of sales. The Internet products do not rely on hardware to make money, because they rely on value-added services and make money from a business model perspective, and value-added services is a lot of money, because this is not the time to sell, but a user throughout the life cycle of money. This, Dong Mingzhu is not unexpected, but did not dare to think, this subversion of the traditional model is too large, it is too difficult to turn, so she said, if someone said the price must be low online, then I can only understand >

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