Three ways to make money immediately

first blog

blog to make money is very simple, through the blog to gather popularity, and then in their own blog page advertising and business links to make money.

second to develop their own shopping site

develop their own shopping site, in the above product service sales. This model is the B2C model, is a model used by most e-commerce companies in the world, such as amazon. B2C mode according to the website to sell a product or service entity has two kinds of different processes, namely: the selection of products — order — online payment service – distribution; transaction and payment transaction confirmation transaction.

third online sales and service platform

production online sales and service platform, domestic and foreign well-known sites have Taobao, Ebay, this site model can be classified as C2C mode, Consumer to Consumer. The flow of this type of model is to look for categories and product items – bid (auction) – closing transaction – distribution – -.

In addition to this, there are many ways to make money through the Internet, such as providing services that everyone needs at present, and to facilitate them to simplify the service, or allow them to save money and efficient services;

by selling their own model, to find out their talents and expertise, began to create value for themselves. Sell your head, talent, etc.. Such as in Europe and the United States there is a dedicated voice services;

membership fee model to help businesses or individuals to simplify their work and study, so that they can focus on your site.

now most of the sites are depend on advertising, in fact, not the Internet advertisement to make money on the alliance profit the best way, the future will have more Internet business, change is the same rule, should learn to walk in front of others to create new profit mode.

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