Taobao VS WeChat mobile business card battle broke out


22 PM, following the WeChat blocked links, the phone Taobao has also been screened for WeChat. Currently, the phone Taobao has shut down from WeChat jump to Taobao goods and stores channel, click on the link from WeChat’s Taobao products and stores to enter, will jump to the phone’s Taobao download installation page.

to shut down WeChat channel for mobile phone, Taobao said, WeChat channel is closed because of a large number of recent users, WeChat through their circle of friends or marketing number sent to the link to click into the fake Taobao shop, two empty money fall into the trap, what is more, some users mistakenly enter contains shopping information "fishing links", directly taking away buyers payment account number and password, the stolen bank card money. Mobile phone Taobao, WeChat shut down the channel is to protect the safety of users demand angle based decisions by closing the WeChat channel, can avoid the maximum deceived consumers, eliminate bad business fraud.

is in the closed "WeChat link" in less than three days, announced the launch of the new scan code share services for all users, as long as the Taobao online to see where are distributed two-dimensional code, scan the code through a feature phone Taobao client sweep, will be able to import goods in mobile phone, continue browsing share, payment, etc. shopping process. Taobao President Zhang Yu announced that, in addition to the details of the page, Taobao landing box, logistics information query interface, will guide the user to use the phone to scan two-dimensional code Taobao. In order to promote the scan code purchase, the phone Taobao took over 1 hundred million of the cash envelopes.

people all look out, WeChat and Taobao have been doing the real thing. In the outside world refers to the closing of the channel and the competitive relationship between Tencent, WeChat also responded by micro-blog said, Taobao this forced ban practice, hurt the user’s communication experience. But WeChat forgot to say, at the beginning of Ali’s dealings with the release of the product, Tencent and WeChat also through a variety of means to shield all links with the suffix. This time, Taobao mobile phone is a security card, bluntly, the closure of the WeChat channel, although there are factors of competition, but the key lies in security issues. And when to re open the channel on the issue of WeChat, Taobao mobile phone, said WeChat day unsafe, Taobao is not open on the day. It is Diamond cuts diamond.

bluntly, between WeChat and Taobao’s mobile phone shopping war war. The latest data show that Taobao mobile phone, the cumulative number of users has exceeded 400 million, in the past 11 Taobao mobile phone, single day turnover amounted to 5 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of nearly 5 times, daily active users reached the peak of 127 million, accounting for 21% of the number of stroke the overall number of transactions completed via mobile phone Taobao client. The 11 pairs of fast and easy in the WeChat select merchandise store orders have exceeded the number of orders for the 200 thousand. In the future, who won the mobile phone shopping terminal, who occupied the mobile Internet business opportunities.

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