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more comfortable and more convenient than the two high-end systems already out.That could help boost a technology that’s had a rocky start After four years of anticipation Facebook’s Oculus business finally shipped its high-fidelity Rift VR headset in March only to encounter massive delays in fulfilling orders And Oculus still hasn’t said when it will ship motion controllers to enable VR experiences that don’t require users to sit down Watch all our tech videos below HTC and Valve meanwhile jointly came out with a more immersive system (with controllers) in April but their Vive system requires users to free up an entire room and hang annoying sensors on walls The goal of Sony’s system isn’t so much to broaden the appeal of VR beyond gamers; after all it comes from the company’s PlayStation gaming business and requires a PlayStation 4 game console to work But Sony delivers where it matters most to hard-core gamers And PlayStation VR which comes out Oct 13 retains the social aspect of gaming in letting friends watch on a television set what the VR user sees in the headset CHEAPER AMONG THE PRICEY BUNCH While VR can be experienced through a cheap headset like the $15 Google Cardboard or Samsung’s $100 Gear VR those systems don’t deliver the same level of graphics and realism as the Rift Vive and now PlayStation For one thing they don’t have sophisticated position tracking to let you move around a room rather than just swivel around in a chair The PlayStation VR’s $400 package comes with the headset cables crappy headphones and a disc filled with demos Another $100 gets you a required camera for motion tracking and a pair of Move motion controllers A PlayStation 4 is necessary and starts at $300 so if you’re starting from scratch you’re spending at least $800 By contrast the other systems require high-end PCs that already cost more than $1000 The general-purpose laptop you may already own won’t be fast enough The Rift itself is another $600 without its Oculus Touch controllers and the Vive costs $800 with controllers There’s nothing as compelling as a “BioShock” or “Dragon Age” game that’s available for traditional game systems (Source: AP) Of course none of this includes games They’re extra CONTENT IS KING Sony boasts that about 50 titles will be available by the end of the year I have tried more than a dozen and have been impressed with the lineup’s depth and diversity There’s nothing as compelling as a “BioShock” or “Dragon Age” game that’s available for traditional game systems But a few exclusive titles offer more than just a glimpse at PlayStation VR’s possibilities “RIGS” is a VR rendition of the multiplayer soccer sensation “Rocket League” The crime caper “The Heist” felt like I was inside a Guy Ritchie movie that I didn’t want to end “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood” is the best haunted house I’ve visited in years – better yet no long lines There’s plenty to keep gamers occupied for months and more are on the way NOT TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT Both the Rift and the Vive are worn like goggles with the straps coming around the sides near the ears The PlayStation’s visor hangs down from a halo-like ring worn around the top of the head The different seems minor at first but the result is more evenly distributed weight and less pressure around the eyes It could also make the headset feel more comfortable with glasses though a colleague still had to deal with lenses fogging up The design also makes it easier to glance at a phone or find a drink Just push a button to slide the visor out without needing to go through the rigmarole of detaching the entire headpiece Still the nausea-inducing issues with the other VR systems are present here too I don’t consider myself prone to motion sickness but I can’t handle more than 30 minutes or so in VR at a time VISION QUEST The Rift and the Vive have better screen resolution while Sony’s system boosts more frames per second for smoother video But don’t get bogged down on specs The differences are negligible And the PlayStation VR preserves the social aspect of gaming What you see inside the headset is replicated on a TV screen so others in the same room can follow along The Rift and the Vive can simulcast on a computer monitor _ not quite the same as a big-screen TV The TV also can be used for multiplayer experiences with the VR user battling players looking at the screen Sony throws in “The Playroom VR” with a couple of fun examples of asymmetrical gameplay Nothing like that is available yet for Rift or Vive REMOTE CONTROLS You can dodge obstacles in a street luge game by moving your head or use an on-screen rendition of standard DualShock 4 controllers in the spatial puzzler “Super Hybercube” The best games though use the wand-like Move motion controllers with light-emitting bulbs positioned above a trigger and other buttons These controllers aren’t as sleek as Vive or Rift remotes but they get the job done of mimicking hands in virtual space The Vive offers the most immersive experience given that it uses two sensors mounted on opposite corners of a room But I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the PlayStation camera I was able to fluidly execute a 180-degree spin as the Dark Knight in “Batman: Arkham VR” The Sony system is also way easier to install You just plug it into the PS4 A NEW REALITY Despite all its strides PlayStation VR won’t be for everyone Besides gawking at the whimsical animated VR movie “Allumette” or streaming Netflix on a virtual screen that looks way bigger than your actual TV there’s little available for non-gaming fans That’s a limitation with the Rift and the Vive too Even most average gamers won’t need the PlayStation VR The available experiences aren’t on par with what gamers have come to expect from countless hours of “Grand Theft Auto” or “Call of Duty” But for anyone who’s been excited about the lofty promises of VR Sony has delivered a worthy wired experience that’s comfortable for both your noggin and your wallet For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Top NewsWritten by Anuradha Varma | New Delhi | Updated: February 24 2017 11:16 am The Shiva-Parvati romance scales the heights of ecstasy and agony (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Top News shlf1314n mythology has some really cool gods; there’s charming Krishna the very “sanskari” Ram and blissed out Shiva While Krishna’s charms extend to several women at the same time and Ram can choose duty over his wife it’s only Shiva a reluctant householder who stays the distance with strong-headed Sati who is later reborn as Parvati Dressed in tiger skin wearing wild flowers lost in meditation up in the mountains high on hemp or “bhang” playing the soulful veena Shiva is wild unconventional and unattainable the very epitome of cool He can dance up a storm like when he performed the mighty “tandava” threatening all of existence when he lost Sati Watch our special Maha Shivratri video here He is never petty and his love for Parvati who can be temperamental and is credited with the fierce incarnations of Kali and Durga is unconditional Parvati gets a free pass even when as Chandi she spoils her step-daughter Mansa’s (born when Shiva’s semen accidentally fell on a statue) wedding night by sending her in wearing snakes and throwing a frog into the chamber for effect prompting her husband to run for his life All because she suspected Mansa was Shiva’s secret wife and not daughter (Source: Wikimedia Commons) He is not afraid to be in touch with his feminine side As Ardhanarishvara he becomes one-part woman with Parvati figuratively and literally a part of him This is a husband totally attuned to his wife’s needs and willing to let her into his heart body and mind Theirs is a relationship of equals and true companionship According to mythology when Shiva decides to consume the cosmic poison from the gods’ “Samudra Manthan” or ocean’s churning it’s Parvati who steps in to hold his neck so it doesn’t spread to his body earning him the title of Neelkantha or blue-throated ALSO READ |Maha Shivaratri 2017: Date Importance and Significance of Shivratri It’s therefore not surprising that shlf1314n women across generations have fasted for a husband like Shiva Ask author of the Meluha trilogy Amish Tripathi how he views Shiva and he tells us “I will answer as a devotee of Lord Shiva If you see even his traditional myths Lord Shiva treats his wife with immense love and respect We all know the story of his devastating grief after Lady Sati died And his respect and love for Lady Parvati the reincarnation of Lady Sati is legendary And yes their love is erotic too As one read in the Puranas as well it is a strong deep and respectful relationship between the husband and wife” (Source: Wikimedia Commons) He agrees that Shiva is at ease with strong women “Very clearly he is So often even in the traditional myths Lady Parvati does what she thinks is right Even opposing Lord Shiva very often But he respects her right to do what she thinks is right He continues to obsessively love her They have a respectful relationship towards each other Modern husbands and wives can learn a lot from them” Watch | Devotees Offer Prayers On Maha Shivratri ALSO READ |Maha Shivratri 2017: Best Shivratri SMS Facebook and WhatsApp Messages to send Happy Maha Shivaratri greetings Shiva is also connected with erotica and Sanskrit poet Kalidasa’s poetry has captured his playful lovemaking with Parvati It also inspired Monona Wali shlf1314n-American novelist short story writer and filmmaker to pen her debut novel My Blue Skin Lover Says the Benaras-born author “What drew me to Shiva was the story of Akkamahadevi the 12th century Virashaiva poet and saint from South shlf1314 She wandered all around South shlf1314 naked covered only by her hair and wrote beautiful love poetry to Shiva (My father who is from Karnataka told me about her; he was fond of her poetry) I was inspired by her story and tried to imagine what would happen if a modern day shlf1314n-American woman fell in love with Shiva” (Source: Wikimedia Commons) For her and the character in the novel Shiva represents the possibility of transformation “to fall in love with him is to transform one’s life to liberate oneself from societal expectations and to discover one’s true nature Shiva is both the life force and the death force so there is great risk in taking him as a lover or husband” She could relate to stories of Shiva and Parvati how they quarrel and play just like human lovers The Shiva-Parvati romance scales the heights of ecstasy and agony Remarks Monona “He is incredibly erotic; that’s what makes him romantic I love the stories of Shiva and Parvati how they embrace for eons at a time but then as the yogi he disappears to the mountaintop and she becomes frustrated and longs for him All the different aspects of Shiva are what make him fascinating” (Source: Wikimedia Commons) It’s also what makes him the ultimate husband ticking off the most important items on the wishlist—equality and respect It helps that he is hopelessly devoted (The writer is an editorial consultant and co-founder of The Goodwill Project She tweets @anuvee) Views expressed are personal For all the latest Lifestyle News download shlf1314n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News though Disneyland has been extremely secretive about what’s in store for its visitors. it’s expected to increase the number anticipating curiosity among visitors to see the developments. I had lived outside Egypt for nearly two decades, Express photo by Amit Mehra Top News In 18 days,Taped onto the palm are more than 300 pressure sensors that measure the amount of force required to move a patient’s limb. With this technology, all of them, which was Rs 5-7, found in the Roman Forum.

as the algorithm automatically adapts to the data of the game we want to analyse, download shlf1314n Express App ? peeled and chopped 1 inch ginger,com/1iCqkZX58d — Bipasha Basu (@bipsluvurself) 18 May 2016 Currently HeyBnb Pvt. Ltd operates in 11 countries and 40 cities.” which space enthusiasts have observed for years. company involves complex procedures to replace 66 operational satellites in use for many years.

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