Ali group report shows sales network in the billion scale


technology news December 7th afternoon news, Alibaba (micro-blog) Group Research Center (hereinafter referred to as "Ali Research Center (micro-blog)") released "2011 Annual Business Development Research Report" shows that despite the various unfavorable factors of macro environment worldwide, more than 1/3 Taobao sellers on the future development of very confident, and more more sales network has entered billion.

this year, after the financial crisis and complications are frequent, domestic GDP growth slowed, prices rose faster, the rising cost of production and operation of enterprises, resulting in the debt crisis in Europe and weak external demand, many traditional small and medium-sized enterprises are facing difficulties in production and life. To this end, Ali research center this year in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other more than and 20 provinces were concentrated on the network research.


report shows that as of the first half of 2011, the number of network operators Chinese has expanded to 83 million, to accelerate the traditional e-commerce enterprises, the development of electronic commerce is across the critical point.

"in 2011, network operators are taking advantage of this opportunity to realize the scale across, more and more network sales volume has entered billion billion, is an iconic figure. With the world top ten network operators selection Pokka network as an example, in 2010 only two e-commerce sales exceeded billion yuan, in 2011 9 is expected to breakthrough billion mark. 2011 e-commerce sales is expected to tens of millions of business accounted for 71.1%, is expected to enter the million club network operators accounted for 17.3%." Ali Research Center official said.

in 2011 Luxuries delivery on behalf of the world top ten network operators as an example, the change of the "manufacturers what furniture, customers will only buy what furniture", according to customer demand for personalized, "what the customer wants to buy, manufacturers will produce what, in the domestic innovative forward digital customization concept, it virtual software and the actual combination of furniture sales, build a software from the beginning to the parts of the digital control of the upstream furniture production, to a complete industrial chain downstream consumer experience.

According to Ali

Research Center survey data show that in 2011 the network scale, enterprise personnel from 100 e-commerce investment and future development of electronic commerce confidence in these areas are showing good momentum. From the investigation of the business enterprise personnel 100 scale, in 2010 1/3 the personnel PARKnSHOP enterprise scale network in more than 100 people, is expected in 2011 this proportion will increase to 42.7%.

in addition, the survey also found that due to the confidence in the future, Taobao sellers will generally strong expansion of the business: Taobao sellers in the next year, said it would invest heavily in the expansion of the proportion reached 30.8%. Taobao sellers in the big seller’s business expansion will be more sufficient, large teams (10 or more of the team’s big seller) has a strong willingness to invest a substantial expansion of the account for less than 6% of the seller said to maintain the status quo.

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