Old Lei no courage to talk about electricity providers do not enter the zhuangshiduanwan





technology news May 29th afternoon, the 2012 China e-commerce conference held in Beijing, millet technology CEO Lei Jun, aged CEO on VANCL electricity supplier industry status pointed out that the platform for the inevitable need to rely on price war, and the education of users of online shopping still a process, if there is no ruling courage, don’t walk through the electricity supplier it.

electricity supplier industry price war, is growing in the form of. Aged believes that most commercial enterprises are competing for the position of the platform, and the platform for sure is the price war.

"loss is necessary, the price war must be fought. The first half of the year, I said, the price war may be three years to end, and now it seems to accelerate, because the more tragic end time will be faster." Chen said.

Lei Jun pointed out that there is an important part of business investment is the user cost of education, the average cost of education of a user is 100-150 yuan, this is not a cheap digital. The cost of this education is currently distributed in each electricity supplier companies, only the education of users in online shopping, in order to promote the electricity supplier to move forward.

"we do not underestimate this part, so that users develop online shopping is a long process." Lei Jun said.

for the electricity supplier industry if there is opportunity, Lei Jun stressed that the electricity supplier industry has just begun, the future of each enterprise are the electricity supplier company". He is in Britain, for example, the UK listed clothing business enterprise is about more than and 40, but in Chinese in addition to every guest, do clothing business is not much, in different clothing brand positioning and a lot of space.

But this is the old

reservations, he said with a smile because it is not competitive, but not an industry like the Internet such fierce competition, on the other hand, the Internet user migration cost is very low, only need to change a web page on the line. "If there is no ruling courage, don’t come to business it." Chen said. (Cui Xi)

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