Liu Wei buy era of small and medium sized webmaster how to deal with

buy from the beginning of last year’s development to today’s popular, more and more hanging in the body of every ordinary people. I often hear some of the boss said to go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, cheap and affordable. So surprised at the awareness of the group has affected the people of every era. There is no doubt that group buying has become a way of shopping.

Then the face of tens of thousands of

a group purchase website, compared with the handle, the U.S. group group purchase website, bigwigs, not a lot of money and resources of the small owners who want to seize the opportunity, group purchase and how to deal with the


1, focus on their familiar fields

called, "small field, big market". Talking about a lot of seemingly small areas, often a lot of opportunities to make money. As long as we are doing fine and deep, while paying attention to students for no ripe for Mo ", focus on their own field, for deep plowing is a good way for the small owners. For example: the webmaster are more or less familiar with some website promotion software, it can promote the management software of the group purchase website, this is your heart cooked, can more receivable competition is smaller, at the same time.

2, however, the development of the next line group purchase

may buy site for everyone to understand, mostly online. In fact, there are many enterprises in the development of network group purchase group purchase, such as buying a car, for businesses not only play the role of advertising, but also to improve their sales; and consumers with cheaper price to buy what they want. For small and medium-sized webmaster, you can set up QQ group or the use of SEO to gather the relevant needs of the people to buy together, and the webmaster can be obtained and business cooperation.

3, aggregation buy

since the group needs a lot of money and contacts, then why not change a train of thought, like you can not build BMW, can not build a forum on BMW?. Small webmaster, can create group purchase group purchase entry portal, information platform, forum, or group purchase navigation is a very good choice, therefore, with the continuous development of group purchase, users will need a professional group purchase information center for discussion and exchange, through my observation, the professional people do little, most of their group purchase website under bbs. This aggregation is also a very good choice.

there is no doubt that the group will continue to develop in the future, there are many potential and opportunities, but we need to continue to think and discover.

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