The United States Jingdong innuendo mode no future integration of online and offline is the destinat

newspaper news (reporter Liu Xinyu) national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce on the outbreak of the last month, the electricity supplier price war frequent position, let the appliance "slobber" a lot less, but the pattern of the dispute has not stopped behind. Yesterday, Gome vice president He Yangqing said in an interview with this reporter, compared with the Jingdong rely on capital strength to promote the model, both online and offline stronger mode is the most competitive, "pure electric Jingdong in the future, everyone is difficult to foresee", there is no future Jingdong model innuendo. In the face of the upcoming National Day and the Mid Autumn Festival, the major electricity supplier in eager for a fight before, the punishment has not yet landed, known as brewing a new round of price war.

online and offline integration is the ultimate destination

"8· 15" after the electricity supplier price war, the industry has sparked a debate on the electricity supplier development model. Sun Weimin, vice chairman of Suning Appliance (micro-blog) had earlier in an interview with this reporter, the electricity supplier will be divided into industrial driven and capital driven".

Suning’s old rival Gome this time did not choose to stand on the opposite side, but also agree with this classification. United States vice president He Yangqing told reporters that the domestic electricity supplier has two development modes: one is to rely on capital strength to promote the pure electric Jingdong model; the other is the line of common profit Gome Suning mode.

He Yangqing also judged that the online and offline models are the most competitive, profitable enterprises to sustainable development. In contrast, pure electricity supplier Jingdong how the future, we can foresee."

senior analyst Lu Wei predicted that the ultimate goal of the traditional economic enterprise e-commerce is the integration of online and offline.

competitive electricity supplier in either mode, or the final competition of supply chain and logistics industry, Wei Hongyan believes that there is a short board of small and medium-sized electricity supplier in the supply chain and logistics is likely to fall in the industry reshuffle.

electricity supplier national day price war started

although the NDRC will electricity supplier 8· 15 price war as a price fraud, the electricity supplier of the collective recognition of the wrong, but this did not allow them to end the price war on this end of the three. Reporters learned that, although there are nearly half a month away from the national day, in fact, the electricity supplier channel sales has been the first to start.

Gome mall before the national day to witness the miracle of low prices, the difference between the double return slogan. and Jingdong also promised to "your not resigned to playing second fiddle, the former Jingdong, price two times compensation", the latter introduced "buy 300 yuan to send 1000 yuan coupons" promotional activities.

, however, Jiang Zengwei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, a few thousand dollars a few tens of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars can not form a price war, companies need to reflect on the integrity of the business.

electricity supplier analyst Mo Daiqing pointed out that the price war is one of the most basic form of competition in the electricity supplier industry market, but not

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