Tmall fresh out of the global selection of the first step of this plan aimed at the Canadian Lobster

Abstract: Nova Scotia Province, Canada and Tmall reached a new cooperation, the Chinese market will be established in Nova Scotia lobster supply chain system, and the establishment of higher quality standards.


Canada in Nova Scotia province fishery director Keith · Cowell (left) and Tmall fresh general manager He Chunlei (nickname: Xuan Qing)



network operators in the world by He Chengxuan

the afternoon of February 14th, the Canadian province of Nova Scotia fishery director Keith · Cowell announced in Hangzhou, the province and the Alibaba Group signed a memorandum of cooperation, the establishment of Nova Scotia province China lobster for online market supply chain system, and then establish the quality standard of higher.

at present, through the evaluation and certification of export enterprises in Nova Scotia province is Gedeni fishery, marine navigation and fisherman market international company, the audit by the importer is China Shun Jingfa, Zhangzi Island, very fresh and fresh life. In other words, in these four brands of Tmall flagship store will be able to buy direct shipped fresh Canadian lobster.

as for the last time, said Tmall is expected at the end of April to early May, and the price not yet determined. Under this agreement, the supplier undertakes to provide 300 thousand certified live lobsters through these three shippers.

for the establishment of high-quality lobster supply chain, the Nova Scotia provincial government in addition to make great efforts to train and Chinese fishermen, merchants and operators to develop the implementation of the manual, including receiving, inspection, foster packaging and shipping etc.. For example, the inspection process is not more than 3 hours, the lobster from the water total no more than 55 hours, the total time of delivery to consumers is not more than 10 hours, the temperature in the box packaging shall not exceed 10° C, but also to each standard lobster wear rubber ring quality certification.

it is understood that the Nova Scotia province is the main supplier of Canada live lobster, in Chinese market there are more than 90% are from the province, located at 45 degrees north latitude sea area of the Atlantic. The Canadian Lobster Shell hard shell, high rate of meat, more suitable for long distance transportation flight. Tmall said that in 2016, double 11 period, the Canadian Lobster from the origin to the hands of consumers not more than 72 hours.

and Tmall to establish relations of cooperation, the government of Nova Scotia province for China in September 2016 released its own brand seafood. In 2015, Nova Scotia exported $113 million worth of lobster to china. By the birth of a new project, Nova Scotia province or will usher in a new round of growth in China’s export lobster.

is the cooperation of foreign seafood, government agencies and business platform for the first time to establish marine standard. This is also the first step since Tmall launched the global selection program in January 2017, the first step. In its vision, the plan will introduce large data, logistics, financial services for global origin

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