Female customers will become the protagonist of the online shopping online shopping companies first

2009, the prosperity of online shopping has become the biggest bright spot in China’s retail sector. CNNIC released data show that in the first half of 2009, the total amount of online shopping consumption amounted to 119 billion 520 million yuan, is expected to total annual net purchases will reach about $250 billion. At the same time, China’s online shopping users also showed continued growth. At present, China’s online shopping users reached 87 million 880 thousand, an increase of 38.9%. In the growing market space, who takes the lead, who will become the future winner.

related data show that female customers will become the protagonist of online shopping, and Mcglaughlin and other related companies have begun to layout. Due to the convenience of online shopping, convenience and entertainment with the shopping habits of women, women love shopping habits online extension, female Internet users gradually become an active group of online shopping. 2008 women accounted for 50.8% of the proportion of online shopping users in 2009 this proportion increased to 61.5%, significantly higher than men.

Increase of

women online shopping, also bring clothing and furniture products 10493. The first half of 2009, the number of users to buy clothing accessories Home Furnishing ranked first, more than half of the users in the online shopping online purchase of clothing accessories Home Furnishing. Analysts believe that the clothing class supplies purchase Home Furnishing more for women, with good experience of garment accessories for women, may be a portion of the goods daily shopping through online purchase to achieve, so as to drive the growth of commodity retail network.

in addition, clothing household items updated quickly, small size, easy to save and transport, while a higher gross margin, so the major online shopping businesses from the vertical to comprehensive process favored.

for online shopping groups of this characteristic, many businesses have launched a network specifically for female users of products, such as men’s shirts started in the year VANCL launched a variety of standardized dress. The network, fashion uprising, Chihiro net also eye-catching performance in their respective fields. Especially the positioning in the "female theme Department" of the network, has become the biggest dark horse this year’s women’s online shopping.

has been established for ten years in the network, initially as a supplementary channel Mcglaughlin catalog sales, in the vigorous development of the network shopping network in 2009, the success of the new revision, regardless of the overall structure of the site, or "external performance, has become a professional B2C platform, its flagship product, women’s clothing, advocating the concept of fast fashion. It is understood that the network sales of own brand apparel, all for the Mcglaughlin company interior designer, according to the latest international trends to create design, and find the best suppliers in the country, and the whole company by the quality inspection personnel documentary.

it is understood that the network has been in the women’s clothing and department, accumulated 8 years of experience. Originally launched women’s clothing, with the customer growth, continuous development of children’s clothing, beauty care, furniture products more, attracted many loyal fans, next year there will be more brands and product line. July 2009, Mai

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