Gome online October will invest 150 million yuan to the electricity supplier promotional war

Phoenix Francisco September 29th message, with the National Day holiday and double " eleven " the arrival of the second half of the most important business platform of promotional war has started. In September 28th, Gome listed on the HKEx (00493.HK)’s online said the United States, the United States will invest 150 million yuan online marketing expenses, starts a month of October High " " purchase; theme promotions, promotions will continue in " draw straight down + " marketing mode to attract consumers, improve sales, earlier closure of " double eleven " target.

Gome online

CEO Li Juntao said, compared to the previous Gome online scale billions every year procurement based on one step, and the underwriting buyout price, OEM, ODM and other flexible supplier cooperation model, procurement costs lower than the match 3% to 5%. In addition, in the logistics and customer service, Gome online " ", " timing; limit of " and customer service recovery, maintenance, warranty and other one-stop service, will also be in the October purchase of High " " reflected in the activities of. Gome online will again through the online and offline linkage effect, the effective implementation of O2M full retail strategy.

Gome online has not yet been fully loaded into Gome, Gome currently holds a 60% stake. However, from the semi annual report, the rapid growth of online business, the company will increase investment in online business.

Gome semi annual report shows that the first half of the total e-commerce transactions in goods (GMV) grew by about 151.34%. In the second half of the company will strengthen the construction of O2O retail ecosystem, the introduction of greater traffic, promote sales growth.

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