Family doctor Wanda electricity supplier to this place where to fly also want to step on one foot

September 28th news, since the transition to do the scene after the operation of service providers, Wanda’s electricity supplier project fly where action frequently, involved in the business continues to expand. Shopping, movies, food, family, parking, travel, reading, ticketing…… In addition to the life of this series of services, the tentacles are also flying to the medical health.

learned billion state power network, before the fifast officially open a "family doctor" service plan. According to the official introduction, as long as the user for the first time in the successful binding of the bank card, you can receive 1 years of family doctor service.

It is noted that

fifast family doctor service is mainly a telephone consultation (rather than online consulting) offer their services in the form of daily injuries and other medical experts covering all kinds of questions, and answers to questions and suggestions for medical treatment.


(pictured in the flying family doctor activity rules)

, according to official data, flying where the family doctor service provided by the digital network and happy. A Wanda fifast insiders to billion state power network, net gold refers to the Wanda Group’s network of Financial Services Company, and is the development of happy Insurance Insurance Company Wanda’s Internet insurance products.

puzzling is that the main financial network, the Internet insurance company, how to provide medical services


noted billion state power network, the security platform has in fact been happy with "phone doctor" service, belonging to health insurance. The telephone service provider and the doctor as "love Cube", users pay 120 yuan, can enjoy 1 years of telephone service (including doctor rights of common emergency treatment recommendations, daily disease prevention and treatment advice, postoperative rehabilitation advice, medical report interpretation etc.).


(figure for the doctor to provide a platform to protect the phone service, the medical resources provided by the love cube)

and it is worth noting that, in fact, love cube is also a member of Wanda group. Public information, Wanda Group is a subsidiary of hundreds of years of life in June this year, the establishment of the Dalian love cubic Health Management Limited, the company’s positioning and health management, "" healthy nutrition treasure "Plus" and other Internet products, and telephone the doctor is an important function of health Plus ".


(pictured in the love Cube "healthy Plus" provided by the doctor’s phone service)

access to family doctors, on the one hand can inspire users who bind the bank card, on the other hand, you can also make the health management services to pave the way to increase the amount of traffic entrance, accept the test of the C side." One industry insiders commented.

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