The Ministry of Commerce the central network information office development and Reform Commission

the Ministry of Commerce, the central network information office, development and Reform Commission three departments jointly issued the "e-commerce development plan" in 13th Five-Year ".

recently, the Ministry of Commerce, the central network information office, development and Reform Commission three departments jointly issued the "e-commerce development plan" in 13th Five-Year "(hereinafter referred to as the" plan "). "Planning" to follow the central objectives of the construction of the network power and the "overall national economy social development thirteenth five year plan" requirements, in order to adapt to the new normal economic development and growth of e-commerce new energy, built around a comprehensive well-off society goal of innovation of e-commerce of people’s livelihood as the main line, to promote our country’s e-commerce environment policy innovation, guidance the electronic commerce health fast development, leading to a comprehensive e-commerce service for national economic and social development is of great significance.

"planning" a comprehensive summary of the "development of electronic commerce in 12th Five-Year during the results, analysis of the" facing the development of electronic commerce in 13th Five-Year during the period of opportunities and challenges, a clear guiding ideology, basic principles and development goals of the development of electronic commerce, puts forward five main tasks, the development of electronic commerce and 17 special operations six security measures.

"plan" to "the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" throughout the text, set up the development and standardization of both competition and coordination, parallel, open and safe of both "three principles form a clear policy guidance, for the first time gives e-commerce services through dual goals of economic growth and social development, establish in 2020, e-commerce transactions 40 trillion yuan, 10 trillion yuan of the total retail network and related practitioners 50 million people three development index.

"plan" put forward the "five major tasks in 13th Five-Year during the construction of the electronic commerce development framework. Including accelerating E-commerce and quality upgrading, enhance e-commerce market competition level; promote the integration of e-commerce and traditional industries depth, comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries; the development of e-commerce market factors, promote e-commerce talent, technology, capital and land resources industry; improve e-commerce service system so that all the people’s livelihood. People in the rapid development of e-commerce has more access to electronic commerce; optimize the governance environment, and actively carry out institutional innovation, and management mode.

around the development target of electronic commerce in China and the main task of the 13th Five-Year "period, the" planning "from four aspects of electronic commerce information infrastructure, new formats and new market cultivation and the development of e-commerce and e-commerce market elements of new order construction deployed a total of 17 special operations, and proposed to strengthen organizational leadership, improve top-level design and promote pilot demonstration and optimization of capital investment, the establishment of supervision mechanism and promote international cooperation safeguard measures in six aspects.

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