Driving on behalf of the practice of economic sharing benefit users and drivers

13th Five-Year planning the first mention of the "sharing economy", its meaning is "matching" and "sharing", sharing economic benefit is the public, so the core or the people. Care about your car, more care about your people is a bit on behalf of the driving since the line has been uphold the idea. Since the line, by driving on behalf of launched the "orange Monday, weekend, rescue workers and other priceless benefit the user’s activities, and achieved good results, in the economic sharing at the same time, will focus on" human being ".

drops on behalf of driving emphasis on user value, the practice of sharing the economy, the first benefit is the majority of the generation of driving users. Since the generation of driving on behalf of the line is committed to providing users with the ultimate driving experience, at the beginning of the line, drops on behalf of driving the first big data dynamic scheduling system for each driver to create a portrait. According to the driver’s orders daily habits, pick up the region, the right to match the fastest possible orders to the driver, which greatly reduces the waiting time of the user.

by driving on behalf of intensive launch "orange Monday", "new user first single free" and other large-scale marketing activities, by driving on behalf of division director had said in an interview, not because of money drops fast do subsidies, because of the needs of the market, "we want to lower the threshold of the way more users come to experience our products". User – based, is the starting point for driving on behalf of drops. September, the price of driving on behalf of the generation of drops revolution, the day of driving on behalf of the starting price straight down to 18 yuan. This new pricing system will be more rational use of resources, through the integration of social professional capacity and scattered capacity, combining the file operation method, flexible to meet the peak trough in different periods of time people travel demand. This allows more users to have the opportunity to experience the generation of driving, driving service scene has also been greatly expanded. Recent drops on behalf of the launch of the car to save the office activities, based on user needs, open the day on behalf of the first generation of driving.

drops on behalf of the driving force of the shared economy but also the majority of the generation of driver groups. Driving on behalf of drivers continue to help drivers to improve their professional skills. At the beginning of July, and by driving on behalf of Chinese Automobile Association jointly held the first training class "drive member job skills and qualifications". On behalf of the first generation of drivers on behalf of the driving platform and participate in the training and assessment, by the China Automobile Dealers Association issued on behalf of driving training certificate". In order to solve the problem of the return to help the driver, driving on behalf of drops also developed the "go back" function. The driver at the end of the order, open the function can quickly find companions around to meet and share the return fare. In addition, every generation of driving will be in driving on behalf of demand of the city the first to try the night bus service, drops a chauffeur to provide free travel convenience.

economic sharing is essentially concerned with the people, and its ultimate goal is to benefit the people, while the number of drops on behalf of driving in care about your car, but also better practice the more care about you, the idea.

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