Cross border deal pains he chose this prescription

May 5th news, cross-border electricity supplier since the implementation of the new deal since April 8th, various problems have emerged. Bonded goods cross-border supervision mode change, make a lot of the bonded area bonded warehouse vacancy phenomenon, some cross-border electronic business platform is therefore a replenishment difficult situation; limit the positive list of cosmetics, health products and other categories of so many platforms have to consider restructuring; policy has no rules, but also to the entire industry indecisive. Cross border electricity supplier exactly how to play in the face of difficulties, cross-border electricity supplier practitioners have issued such a voice. In this regard, the founder and CEO of the Blue Ocean Terminal had to talk about his views on the state power.


Marina founder and CEO

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billion state power network in the dialogue, the blue has pointed out that the Chinese market and Chinese consumers in the global retail industry by segment, Chinese faced all kinds of price monopoly, can choose the category is very limited. Such a situation in addition to the global retailers feel good is closely related, but also with some of the categories in China’s high barriers to entry.

Ceng Bibo believes that the customs single window, paperless customs clearance, the implementation of the new tax measures such as cross-border electricity supplier is the relevant departments in the import trade to reform, but in the commodity inspection and quarantine and access, need innovation method and mechanism. "We still have access to the commodity market in the decades before the planned economy era, it should be pushed forward."

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cross-border electricity supplier is to make up for the problem, but in April 8th the cross-border retail electricity supplier import after the implementation of new regulatory standards for cross-border bonded mode goods to the general trade dress. Customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, product records, etc., has become a new problem in the past cross-border electricity providers have not faced. Health care products, cosmetics and other categories due to closely related to the safety of consumers and subject to more stringent regulation, which is the largest cross-border e-commerce platform sales of goods. In order to make the platform to normal operation, cross-border electricity reached the door without some replenishment of commodity imports in the general trade. When it comes to the study of general trade, we found that the cross-border electricity supplier and the general trade between unfair is not reflected in the tax, but in terms of commodity access and inspection and quarantine." Ceng Bibo said.

cross-border 100 tons of goods in the bonded area bonded in place, do not do inspection; general trade in goods is 100 tons, also put in the bonded area, only because the retail way is not the same, you must do the inspection and various entry procedures, there is no reason, this did not end a bowl of water. Cross border electricity supplier has been able to develop rapidly in these two years so fast, because the threshold is low, the high efficiency of commodity circulation, rather than we often say that the tax problem. Why should the cross-border bonded side of the threshold increase, rather than decrease in general trade barriers, let everyone have to compete? "


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