was the winner into the king of Taobao shop how to improve the conversion rate


conversion rate is very important for the growth and survival of the shop, shop to raise the conversion rate will not only bring more revenues for shops, more important is to let customers remember shops, shops to shape the good image, so as to establish a good brand shop. So, how to improve the conversion rate of the store? I personally think that should start from the following aspects.

first: improve the store image style optimization layout

a good store image can give customers a refreshing feeling. The shop style must pay attention to and shops sell baby style, elegant, lovely, and the wind, wind and so on in Japan and South Korea, background color, text color and store features, and the image of baby needs entirely consistent, so we can give customers in mind to create a good image of the shop. In order to arouse the customer’s desire to buy. In addition, is also very important to optimize the layout of a store, the shop layout of the site will not only affect the site open speed, but also affect the customer’s psychology, in the layout should make full use of limited space layout optimization, try to cut small baby pictures. If the shop layout is exquisite, will give the customer transfer value and beauty, believe that any one customer if open a layout of exquisite and consistent image of the store, will not be free to stay a few minutes, but it is a few minutes, will probably give you the store profits.

second: accurately describe the details of the baby, related or similar products link text content accuracy.

in the description of the baby, must be in accordance with the Taobao right down the rules and filling to ensure concise, detailed description of the case details, fill in the details, color, style, price and so on must be consistent with the delivery to the customer of the baby, in the text description must pay attention to the accuracy, avoid typos, avoid grammatical errors, more not only text and pictures can’t open phenomenon, if the use of false information to spread the baby details, is not only a violation of the rules by Taobao drop right, also will bring bad effects to your shop, which makes the shop credibility decline loss customer resources. In addition to accurately describe the details, to ensure the accuracy of similar products in the content of the link, not to be confused with information, in this way, not only will give the customer bring owner serious impression, can let the customer trust to the shop is greatly improved, the customer will naturally choose to consume in your shop.

third: pre-sales after-sales service is very important to improve customer satisfaction.

in order to make your store have more repeat customers, we must improve customer satisfaction, and this satisfaction comes from the store on the one hand, on the other hand from the service. We must pay attention to the sale of more than just products, but also a service concept. In the pre-sale, and customers through online customer service, online call or message board and so on exchanges in detail and Ken Chen to give customers a good impression, in the sale of baby, must note.

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