How to save money in Taobao shop

you Taobao owner, if you try this: sales rose steadily, but the end of the month a profit growth is not much. There was a seller with my grievances, sales increased by 2 times, but profits increased by only a little bit. Why this situation? According to my shop experience, the main problem is not open shop cost control.

productioncosts is looking up, in fact some fragmentary expenditure, it is these payments together, will produce the above said situation.

, Internet, electricity should be very careful in reckoning

I 1M broadband here is 800 yuan more than 1 years, for the open shop has been fully enough. If you have a cheaper one, it’s worth it. Open shop basically can guarantee the normal Internet access is good, some Taobao for the sake of fast speed, 1 years is the more than 1 thousand single fee, so on average, 1 months on the spending of 100 yuan, this is not a small burden for a shop is. Therefore, the cost to the province.

electricity is also a problem to note. When hanging want, there is no need to open the box all day. Most of the speakers are now very high power, the electricity bill is a big expense. In fact, in order to have a good big information, can be set for the message pop-up mode, so shoot two hawks with one arrow.

two, the postage to care about

a lot of Taobao owner didn’t know how much postage, buyers continue to buy, but do not know how to add the postage, delivery time to go, found himself to lose several yuan postage. As a seller, you must know the postage calculation method, know the major Express query window. A baby would not earn much, but also subsidizing the postage, not worth it.

three, package to save money to have the University asked

delivery is less when the problem is not prominent, if the shipment is large, the cost of the problem on the big. Do not look at these cents, and then multiplied by the daily shipments, and then multiplied by 30 days, that is not a small number of.

package package how to save money mainly from packaging materials to save. For example, the courier box, if you can buy on the local in the local buy, do not need to buy on the Internet, because the courier fee is not a small fee. In addition, the filling materials can be used newspapers, no need to use special foam materials. However, it should be noted that the use of waste newspapers to choose those clean, do not produce health problems. If in order to save money to cause Taobao buyers complain that it is not worth it.

four, shop expenses to save

is mainly in these aspects: 1. Configuration does not need much good, just need to be able to use normal. And so on Taobao to make money, when to buy more good can be. 2, the camera. Do not specifically pick those famous brands of digital products, and more in the Taobao above, in fact, some times you can find some good second-hand goods, this is a big

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