How to establish the brand of good name

Taobao set up a nameless good, has to have more than and 10 days, and how is the status quo of unknown good products, good product really become nameless "nameless"? How to establish the brand, which for now sellers is a major event.

according to the seller does not respond to the current flow of goods is not a lot of good name, but also access to each page in the Taobao is relatively small. May be a lot of sellers to bring the transaction volume is also poor, so many sellers are very anxious. But I would like to put forward is: the more important is not the flow, but the establishment of the brand image, if the flow has, and the brand hit the reputation ruined, and then how hard it is difficult in the end. Perhaps a lot of people will refute me, is unknown good products, there is no brand or a small brand of things, how to go with the mall than the brand image, and the C shop to price advantage. This idea is wrong, the brand image is not only the brand’s reputation, but also many other aspects of the.

then, I would like to name the whole and the seller from the individual, simply to say my opinion:

1, from the unknown good products overall, this is a brand. When the brand image is good, the flow into the unknown good interface will naturally be more. The flow of more, the construction of the brand name is also good for the unknown. This requires a good quality of the official team and sellers to make joint efforts. Contrast mall and C shop has the advantage, is mainly foreign trade enterprises and the entity factory, with the latest trend information, the product also has the lowest cost advantage. Sincerely hope that the good name of the official team, can be in the shop process, service and other aspects of training and support, can do a good job in the overall image of the brand publicity and management. On the Taobao platform, "good name" members should enjoy the unique use of the right, the need to maintain their own name, as the maintenance of it. For example, found that there are C stores in the product name on the name of the good name".

this should not be allowed, I hope the management team can do a good job with Taobao platform communication. Taobao mall has also seen in the past, but now in addition to selling templates, others have not, may have been controlled). There are many other aspects, I hope the management team and colleagues to review the improvement.

2, as an individual seller, the establishment of a good brand image is beyond doubt. Including product quality, the need for services, image, etc. to further enhance and improve. A lot of things depend on them can never succeed, the key is to do their own. Let their member name, so that their own small brands, in the minds of buyers to create a good brand image. What needs to be done is to learn, to persist, to improve.

brand building that is not an easy thing, but now there is such a platform, that unknown good goods brand building relatively more conditions, hope each seller can build their own brand of merchandise.

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