Hundreds of thousands of minon lonely life

"others laugh at me too crazy, I smile they look not to wear", use these words to describe the mentality of minon again good however, in spirit, minon is a group of lonely, may not be understood by their parents, or may not be understood by some friends, is called by the client terminal misunderstanding.

shuttle every day in the city, renamed domain 66 Admin5 and CN, turning the placards, see countless names again and press the "immediate bid", frequently refresh auction page, this is the rice farming work, but only a part of them, hidden behind the hard work.

is not just to register a domain name, not just look at love huadajiaqian for a domain name as a domain name investors, we must first have a good background, when purchasing a domain name, you have to go to the analysis, the value of the domain name, which includes the name of the audience group, what price to sell, the chance of turnover so much, if enterprises need to analyze the CN domain name, this enterprise is the market value of the number, if you have or have the opportunity to expand their business in China, whether it is necessary to purchase this domain name, the domain name can replace what, in what people, they will at what price, and the probability will be much and so on, such as a national energy company in the world can be ranked in the top five, but he couldn’t get into the Chinese, so there is no Have the possibility to buy this domain name.

each domain name is very hard to get, and not some terminal buyers said to spend 1 yuan can be registered. Every day I watch the major domain name forum, refresh the endless number of new posts, every day due to the expiration of the domain name deleted, each domain name is purchased through data analysis. Recently photographed a lot of good domain in CN, a small fortune, but also the time cost for me to.

although the domestic rice farmers have one hundred thousand, but I still feel very lonely, people do not understand, I’m not doing nothing. I am not, sleep late, because the late night work, night work efficiency is relatively high, I do have a job, SOHO is also a kind of occupation, I earn money no less than others, not better than the annual salary of one hundred thousand white-collar workers, I have my ways of making money, I want to choose my way of life.

Please understand me

SOHO family of rice farmers, just different ways of working, they are ideal for aspiring young blood.

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