Network literature on the amount of clicks behind news (360 degrees): lift a few years in the popular online novel "the first intimate contact", often online friends will not be unfamiliar, a Taiwan netizen " ruffian Cai " the creation of autobiographical novels published by the network, it has been welcomed by users and is widely posted, and even spread to the network from the Internet, to be printed, is also very popular. Since then, the new literary form of network novel has been paid more and more attention. Network novel does not have the threshold requirements of the writing approach and convenient way of reading is more popular among young people. In 2006, the click rate of Chinese Internet novels reached 100 million.

        this year to enter the line of sight of people works: "Zhao Ganlv in Wonderland" lift, "ghost chuideng" and so on outstanding network novels, especially the "Zhao Ganlv elevator adventure" in the network, after posting the reply to readers rave reviews, first created 100 million hits, description the tomb has "ghost chuideng" also won millions of hits record. These famous network novels have also been prominently printed as traditional paper publications, appearing in front of a wider audience.

        general manager of Jiangsu popular book chain Co. Ltd. Wu Junle: Internet novel in every year is increased by 25%, so we saw this market trend, so we are popular in 15, under the jurisdiction of the set of network novel counter.

        according to the bookstore responsible person, most of the readers are 15 to about 25 years of age, which gives the bookstore sales trend has brought a lot of room for growth.

        experts believe that in recent years the network’s boundaries already far beyond the period of "ruffian Cai personal emotion", network novels have almost unlimited wealth, Everything is contained therein.

        starting point Chinese network general manager Wu Wenhui: on the Internet about the novel has reached more than ten million to the Ministry, and is just beginning in 2001 to now is not reached within a few years, but the starting point in Chinese online has a collection of about more than 9 works and 6 thousand writers in the above online creation, at the same time every month there are more than 3000 new writers to join.

        in addition to books, the original novel also derived from the Internet, such as television, movies, video games, animation and other cultural products. The emergence of a large number of network literature not only reflects the current popular trend and the aesthetic taste of the public, but also makes the network literature become a special literary phenomenon.

        Renmin University

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