Do a good job Taobao three questions what to sell sell to whom how to sell

Taobao is undoubtedly the best platform for grassroots business electricity supplier, so before doing Taobao, I think we need to think about these questions: do a good job Taobao three questions: what to sell, sell to whom, how to sell?

the first question is, what to sell?

sell what? Think of the Blue Ocean from the form of the entire electricity supplier and their location to consider, identify the product. To this end, I consulted a lot of peers, also in the county around a circle, a lot of products, but also a few words on the amount, for example in our county is Chinese town of orange, navel orange is sure to do, not to mention my family also planted thousands of trees of orange tree. But the orange is not the seasons of the year, and there are many malicious competition, the quality of the price all messed up, so we must also find a few large amount, best-selling products, advantages, and then use some small but distinctive products to add some ideas, to implement, turn up a few days, a great harvest, also found some good products, walnut is decided to do next, because our county in the Yangtze River, elevation, suitable for the cultivation of various agricultural products, especially more than 600 meters above sea level, the production of walnut is very delicious, and where I am, there are several large the walnut base, delivery is not a problem, but this category showed a rising trend in the Taobao online sales, is still quite promising.


is then sold? Orange, walnut and so on agricultural products is that everyone can eat, but you may not propaganda for all buyers, for large and all but lost its own characteristics, is the business bogey, so it is necessary to extract some features from the product selling points. Take the orange, orange planting in our county has 2000 years of history, many varieties, good quality, but the taste is unique, in general, orange Piboge do, sweet and sour taste, and the vitamin C content than normal fruit, although the sweet but not greasy, eat more, especially for girls like fruit eat more, not only to pay, but also because of vitamin C, can promote the production of collagen, so that the skin becomes white and elastic.

and oranges are home grown, affordable, and did not, not, not wax dyeing ripening, directly from the tree, the packing delivery, so as to ensure that most people eat, eat at ease. Therefore, according to these characteristics, I will be positioned in young urban women, they love beauty, pay attention to the quality of life, food safety has a high demand. And then according to the positioning of the design template, shooting and editing photos and writing copy, and strive to achieve consistent with the positioning. Of course, because it is not professional design, so only a step by step to explore, learn and stick to it.

finally is how to sell Amoy blue ocean that this problem is worth thinking about, but also the most critical point. We must adhere to the following points: First: good faith, this is my parents taught me the parents, fried decades son, twist, on our side is very famous, almost all is to buy my house, some people say: you really is not worth rapeseed fried, too expensive. Those a little oil and cheap.

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