ntroduction of nternet domain name auction mechanism

reporter recently from the internet name and Number Distribution Agency (ICANN) official website was informed that the organization drafted the current generic top-level domains within the framework of two level domain allocation, officially introduced the auction mechanism in the domain field distribution. Experts pointed out that in the global quality domain resources tight situation, ICANN introducing domain auction mechanism for optimal allocation of resources and ensure high quality domain name, domain name utility into full play.

according to Internet intellectual property experts Hu Gang introduced, the domain name is the most basic resources for the development of the Internet, is the basic entrance of all Internet applications. From the beginning of 1990s, the rapid development of the global Internet, resulting in a significant increase in the speed of the global domain name resource consumption, the probability of obtaining high-quality domain names by registration is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the allocation of resources.

it is understood that ICANN is in conjunction with the parties to develop appropriate domain name auction model, and the auction of a serious selection of consulting agencies, the current ICANN has chosen the well-known auction co.. At the same time, ICANN also formally put forward, will be for a number of reasons for historical reasons have not yet registered domain name auction.

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