CHANet results reported that the network virus

Around 4:30 on October 10th, there are enthusiastic members to reflect the results of the visit to the CHANet network antivirus software tips when there is a virus or trojan.

then our technicians launched a series of tests, the investigation found that the results of CHANet network itself has not been tampered with or "inserted into the code, but the results of CHANet network server is located in a one room infected with the ARP virus, and ARP attacks on the results of CHANet web server, which insert malicious code in user access to the CHANet network results when. Due to the timely detection of problems, our technical staff successfully resolved the attack at 6 p.m..

in this statement to the majority of the webmaster, this event only to visit the site, the results of statistics and so on all normal. At the same time, we also apologize for the inconvenience caused by the incident to the majority of users.


CHANet results network
2007 October 10th

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